05 Best Smart Lock for Smart Things 2021


Main Description: If you are looking to grab the best smart lock to secure your smart things without the fear of wrong selection from the market then follow our rest of the guideline. This research-based article is getting you to our recommended the best smart lock for smart things It was not an easy task to find out a few from huge numbers in the market, but we have done it to give the quality item.

Title of the Article: Best Smart Lock for SmartThings


The SmartThings are always considered the brain of any home and admired to be locked wirelessly with a smart and keyless lock. It is very important to keep an eye on your valuable belongings with the help of a single SmartThings app by using iPhone or Android mobile. Preferably, the SmartThings use ZigBee, Z-Wave, and IP protocols for connectivity.

You can find a lot of models of smart locks of multiple manufacturers in the market that are competed with SmartThings. But, to find a well-trusted device is not much easy in the presence of a big option available for selection from the market. It demands comprehensive research.

Luckily, we have done it for you and giving you a chance to select one from only five. Each smart lock in our recommended list of the Best Smart Lock for SmartThings is ideal to secure SmartThings with working as a hub of safety. We also advise, never to compromise the security on the cost of money. Always prefer the quality of your lock to the amount of spent money.

Let’s, move on to our recommendation!

List of our Recommended THE Best Smart Lock for Smart Things

1 – Yale Assure Lock SL (Keyless Touchscreen)

It’s great that we are looking at a brilliant smart lock at the very beginning of our article. This keyless lock provides you comfort by escaping from bulky key chains. Its most advanced and modern features endorsees the protection of your SmartThings with the help of unlocking and locking the door remotely.

It is programmed with the option of compatibility with SmartThings hub, multi-access codes ability, and auto-locking feature. The most prominent thing is an easy installation without the help of a professional technician.

It is developed with an advanced combination of hardware and software that can be upgraded with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Also, it can be operated with a mobile App. So, install it and secure your SmartThings by getting the remote control in your own hand.

Tinted Specifications

Weight:                      3 Pounds

Lock Dimension:       0.55 x 3 x 6 inches

Size:                           Key-Free Touchscreen

Batteries:                  4 AA

  • Can be upgraded with the help of a Wi-Fi connection
  • Easy to install within few minutes
  • Keyless entry with remoteness operating system
  • Automatically lock option
  • Wonderful batteries
  • Little bit costly

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2 – Schlage Encode Smart Lock

If you want to keep a best smart look for smart things in your smart home then endorse the security with Schlage encodes deadbolt smart lock. It provides a totally remote less operating mechanism from anywhere by using WIFI. Also, the fingerprint-resistant and touchscreen options keep the security above-normal conditions.

It is programmed with a space of 100 user codes and an enormous improvement option in only 30 codes. So, you can adjust regulations by using a mobile app according to your preference.

Its installation is very easy and uncomplicated. You can complete it within 10 minutes with the use of only a Philips head screwdriver. Its AA alkaline batteries are powerful enough. You can use them for years. 

These batteries have a six-month working time, and the app informs you when they run low of charge.

Optional voice commands give hands-free comfort while using voice-enabled products. You’ll get these two voice assistants “GOOGLE ASSISTANT and AMAZON ALEXA.”

To let GOOGLE ASSISTANT manage your Schlage device with your voice, pair it with Schlage Home or the Samsung SmartThings App. You can secure and check the door’s status by using your voice.

Further, it provides the lock to a routine through“GOOGLE ASSISTANT and AMAZON ALEXA.”. The user can promptly shut the door by saying your programmed words like “Hey Google, I’m going for a walk”. Also, the AMAZON ALEXA controls the lock/unlock system effectively.

Tinted Specifications

Weight:                      2.8 Pounds

Lock Dimension:       0.89 x 3 x 5 inches

Size:                           Key-Free Touchscreen

Batteries:                  4 AA

  • Powerful batteries
  • Easy installation
  • Completely keyless entry
  • Remotely control from anywhere
  • Auto shut option
  • Voice assistants GOOGLE ASSISTANT and AMAZON ALEXA
  • Bolts are a little noisy

3 – August Wi-Fi 4th Generation Smart Lock Pro

If you want to enhance the safety of your SmartThings by using an advanced, newest, and 4rth-generation smart lock then August Wi-Fi 4th Generation Smart Lock Prois made for your smart home. This reliable smart lock fully fit most of the available deadbolts which is an ideal situation for super easy installation. 

It can be combated with Wi-Fi and let the user share the unlocking options with loved ones and family members. Also, the guests can avail these facilities when you unlock the door remotely from anywhere.

It comes with a wonderful feature like a third-party voice assistant. You can listen to the voices of people near your door with the help of Amazon Alexa.

Lastly, we recommended this inexpensive lock for your home security because it comes with all the advanced features of a costly smart lock.

Tinted Specifications

Weight:                      1.54 pounds

Lock Dimension:       2.8 x 2.8 x 2.75 inches

Size:                           Key-Free Touchscreen

Batteries:                  2 CR123A

  • Quick installation
  • Completely silent operating system
  • Timely customer support from the manufacturer
  • IFTTT integration of different features
  • Auto-lock door within 10 minutes
  • 4th generation advanced technology
  • Sometimes App issues

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4 – Kwikset smart lock 99160-021

If you are looking for a traditional smart lock with a touchscreen feature then no other is best than Kwikset 99160-021. It is equipped with electronic deadbolt lock work with a smart key security mechanism and keeps perfectly secure your SmartThings.

It has also a keypad and mechanical key backup facility. So, never worry about the miss minding of keyword combinations.

It can be used via Z-wave smart home system to lock/unlock from anywhere. Also, the voice control function can be operated with Alexa through Samsung SmartThings Hub. Its auto locking ability is an advanced step of security. If you left your home without shutting the door, it will automatically shut and lock the door.

It provides the option of 30 access codes. So, you can share them with your family members. Its keyless entry, secure screen, provides a source of safety and sleek metal design gives durability for years.

Lastly, we recommend it for the safety of your costly and SmartThings. Install it with your door and left your home without any fear and unsatisfactory situation.

Tinted Specifications

Weight:                      3.5 pounds

Lock Dimension:       4.27 x 3.99 x 9.74 inches

Size:                           Key-Free Touchscreen

Batteries:                  4 AA batteries required

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  • Keyless but secure entry
  • It has a fingerprint-resistant touch screen
  • Sleek and simple metal design
  • Durable for years
  • Corrosion resistant body
  • Remotely controllable
  • Easy installation
  • A little bit noisy

5 – Yale Assure Lever


Yale assures lever is a unique security tool with a deadbolt-free smart Wi-Fi feature that keeps secure SmartThings at your smart home.

It is user-friendly with easy installation and locking/unlocking access sharing with family members. It can be operated with the help of the Yale mobile App, voice assistants, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant.

This brilliant, superb, straightforward smart and intelligent lock provides you key-free entry with the help of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

It is equipped with 4 AA 9v batteries for long time use. The replacement of batteries is so easy and you can do it without the assistance of any technician. Furthermore, it is programmed with an audio tamper alarm that will inform you about the running low of batteries.

Finally, we suggest it for the security of your home and costly belongings. It provides all the features of an expensive smart lock at an affordable price.

Tinted Specifications

Weight:                      5.74 pounds

Lock Dimension:       7 x 7 x 14 inches

Size:                           Key-Free Touchscreen

Batteries:                  4 AA 9v batteries required

  • Premium built quality for long use
  • Easy to install process and smart setup
  • Comes with a complete installation kit including a screwdriver
  • Good looking, corrosion and scratch resistant body
  • Affordable, reliable, and durable
  • Its handle is a little long


In the modern era the smart locks are an effective tool to enhance the safety of the home, but finding the best smart lock for SmartThings is always complicated. It demands hard work to find out an ideal device. To give you an easy selection, we have done it by gathering the products information and reviewed by users. A briefed research provides us some top-quality and innovative smart locks that are recommended for you. Hopefully, you found the right one for the safety of your SmartThings.

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