06 Best Magnetic Door Lock For Home 2021 (Reviews & Buyers Guide)

Door lock is a basic requirement of every home. If you have doors in your home, you must lock them. Door locks play a very important role in the security of the house. Every house owner tries to keep his house safe. Today we will tell you about some of the door locks that will make your home extremely safe.

There is so much variety in door locks these days that when an ordinary person goes shopping in the market, he does not understand which door lock will be most suitable for his home. Read this article in detail till the end so that you will find the answer to your every question that you have in your mind.

The world is evolving very fast and the locks of the house are evolving at the same rate. Every lock has its own characteristics. Today we will tell you the features of a good lock that will come in handy. Whenever you go for shopping, you must take care of these features to get most secure lock for your house.

Best Magnetic door lock for home is considered to be the most secure door lock. If you want your door to be stronger so that no thief can enter without your permission, we will suggest you the magnetic door lock.

The magnetic lock is usually more suitable in aluminum doors. It is mostly used indoors. It is very much in vogue nowadays. Some of their special features are that they also have fingerprint facility. Some of them are Wi-Fi enabled as well.

The use of magnetic door lock has increased a lot nowadays because as the technology evolving. According to the opinion of the experts, there are 90% more secure than an ordinary lock. These locks are very easy to use and do not require a key to open them. They are used in business places, big markets but over the years, their use at home has grown exponentially.

How We Select

We have set a specific criteria so we can help you find the cheapest and strongest lock for your home. Magnetic door locks are usually used on a single door but usually they are used in the office but nowadays their trend is increasing for home use. Their biggest advantage is that you can enter your home with key for example with finger print, code, or app use.

Most magnetic locks use power source and they use DC power to run them.  Which can be provide through direct power source or battery source.

The lock we have selected for you can be unlocked with the help of fingerprint or card. If you prefer a fingerprint lock, it is better to choose a lock that is fingerprinted with high speed. if you are taking a padlock, get a lock that is easier to program so you can save valuable time.

Another feature of a magnetic door lock is how much force it can withstand. A good lock is one that can withstand a force of at least 500 to 1000 pounds. All the locks we have selected have this feature in mind. The more force your lock will withstand, the stronger and better the lock will be.

All the locks we have chosen for you are easily install able. You do not need any special knowledge to install them. These locks become very easy to install. Most locks also come with an installation guide that can helps in installing the lock.

Magnetic Door Lock Vs Ordinary Lock

There is a big difference between a normal door lock and a magnetic door lock. Both work the same means home safety but the way they work is different. Each lock has its own advantages and disadvantages. The magnetic door lock comes with more features like fingerprint sensor, card or pad code to open or close the door. Magnetic locks are expensive in price but are equipped with more security and features than ordinary locks.

Best Magnetic door lock for home are a better choice in our eyes. This type of indoor lock you can use in either home or office. But if your budget is short, you can also use the standard lock as well.

Standard locks are not too expensive and provide complete protection to your home despite their low cost. If you only need indoor safety then standard locks are enough for you. Standard locks do not have many features and are mostly unlocked with keys.

We only recommend magnetic door locks because the features and safety that are in a magnetic door lock are not available in a standard door lock.

1. Waterproof Metal RFID Keypad Door Entry Systems & 350lbs Electric Magnetic Lock+110V Power Supply

This lock is number one on our list. This is because this lock is equipped with all the features you need. This lock is waterproof and works in all seasons. The biggest feature of this lock is that it can store data of two thousand users at a time. This data is saved in the form of PIN code or card details.

This lock becomes very easy to program. There is also a video guide with this lock which makes it easy to install the lock. The lock’s keypad also has a light that will help you open and close the lock at night. I personally love this feature.

This lock is also very beautiful to look at. This lock enhances the beauty of your door.

  • Waterproof lock
  • 2000 user can be added
  • Strong material
  • Key less entry
  • Expensive

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2. 4 Door Access Control System with 600lbs Magnetic Lock Entry Access Control Panel 110V Power Supply

This lock has no competition if you look at the features. This lock can control four doors. You can use keypad, fingerprint and card to lock it. The best feature of this lock is that you can control this lock from your mobile. You can also view the user log if needed.

This lock’s memory can hold 20,000 fingerprints and you can view the last 100,000 logs. Which is a great feature. You can open or close the lock at any time from your mobile.

This indoor lock is water proof and it is capable of withstanding a power of six hundred pounds. The biggest advantage of this lock is that you can control it from mobile. If you are away from home and a guest has come to your house then you can open your house sitting in your office. Isn’t that amazing?

  • Very secure & powerful
  • Can be control from Mobile
  • You can save up to 20000 entries
  • Control up to four doors
  • Access through Finger print & card
  • Too much expensive

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3. TCP/IP Single Door Security Access Control System with 600lbs Electric Magnetic Lock Exit Motion Sensor

In terms of innovation, this door lock is second to none. The best feature of this door lock is the exit motion sensor.

You can control this lock from anywhere. You can easily control this lock. You can also control this door lock through software. In this lock we can save two thousand data.

You can open this lock with the help of PIN code or card. The best part is that you can set a time to open or close the door lock. You can open or close the door in just 0.02 seconds.

Another great feature of this lock is that it can be controlled with the mobile app. wherever you are, you can know about your home, who has come and who has gone. If a guest comes in your absence, you can open the house for your guest even when you are away from home.

  • Mobile app controlled
  • PIN code or card operated
  • 20000 user
  • 100000 log
  • No cons

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4. Visionis VS-VISML600LED Indoor 600lbs Electromagnetic Lock with LED Sensor

This lock is famous for its strength and durability. This indoor lock is capable of withstanding a force of six hundred pounds. This lock is installed on the top corner of the door. This lock is also very stylish to look at which further enhances the lock of your door.

The lock also has a light that tells you when the door is locked and when it is open. If the light is red then it means that the door is locked and if the light is green then the door lock is open. This light system is very beneficial.

This indoor lock can be used anywhere in your office or home and it is suitable for all kinds of doors. This door lock comes with a one year warranty which means that if there is a problem with your lock the company will either fix it or replace it.

  • Very strong and reliable
  • Stylish in look
  • Suitable for all types of doors
  • One year warranty
  • Hold up to 600 pound of force
  • Installation needs some expertise

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5. Safety 1ˢᵗ Adhesive Magnetic Lock System, 8 Locks And 2 Key

This indoor lock is designed with child safety in mind. If you have children at home then this lock should be your first choice. You can turn Child Protection on or off with a push button.

There is also a light on this lock. When your lock is on, the light will also be on which will let you know that the lock is on.

Another great advantage of this lock is that it does not require any tool to install, even a common man can install it very easily.

In this set you will find eight locks and two keys which you can use as you wish. The material of this lock is made of plastic and this lock does not require any power.

This lock is mostly used as a child lock. This lock is more suitable for inside doors because it cannot withstand force entry.

  • Child protection
  • Easy to install
  • Very cheap in price
  • Not suitable for force entry protection

6. Seco-Larm E-941SA-1200 Electromagnetic Lock

This door lock is a heavy duty lock that is designed with the security of your door in mind. This lock is extremely strong and is capable of withstanding a force of twelve hundred pounds at a time. You can use this lock at home or commercial building. This lock is strong as well as stylish. Its design is modern and no knowledge is required to install this lock.

This lock is very easy to install as well as use. This lock also has child protection features. If you are more serious about your home security then this lock is for you. The features of this lock are less than some locks but if safety is taken into consideration then this lock has no competition in the market.

  • Very strong
  • Hold up to 1200 Ibs of force
  • Cheap in price
  • Child protection
  • Easy to install
  • Less modern features

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Buyer Guide: How To Select A Magnetic Door Lock?

Magnetic locks should be your first choice if you want to make your home more secure. These locks are modern as well as most durable because the electromagnetic force makes them stronger. That is why nowadays the market is full of these locks. The purpose of writing this article is also to help you get a good lock. The locks chosen in this article are all of very good quality and full of modern features.

We try our best to help you buy a good lock. We’ve compiled a list of all the features that make a lock more attractive and user friendly 1. Security

The most basic thing about any lock is its security grading. This means how strong this lock is and how much force it can withstand at a time. The security grading of each lock is written on it. Mostly we buy door locks without knowing about security grading. We advise you to check the security grading before buying it.

2. Durability

The main purpose of indoor lock is home safety. The more durable your lock, the safer your home will be. For us, the most basic thing we want to keep in mind when taking locks is durability.

If your lock is made of good material and strong then you don’t have to worry you are absolutely safe. Whenever you invest in something, your first goal is to make it last longer. In the same way, when we talk about door locks, durability is the most basic thing that makes your door lock safe for longer period of time.

3. Price

Every man has his own choice and need when buying door lock. There are many more modern door locks on the market today. Make your budget and also make a list of the features you want, then start looking for locks.

If you only need to secure your doors then a simple lock will also meet your need. You don’t even have to spend much money for this job but if you have the budget and want to get a feature-rich door lock than you have a lot of options in the market.  Our advice is to make a budget and a list of features before purchasing the door lock. It will come in handy.

4. Installation

Buying and installing door locks are two different things. If you’ve got a good lock, the first thing to do is figure out who to install. We recommend that you find a lock that does not require an expert or a tool to install.

5. Warranty

Most people do not consider the warranty when buying a door lock. We think this is the most important thing while making a purchase. Most companies nowadays offer a one to five year lock warranty. The biggest advantage of this is that if there is a problem with your lock, the company will fix it or even replace the lock. So try to buy a lock that has a maximum warranty.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed this article and that you have answered all your questions. We have tried our best to cover everything that is beneficial to you on this topic.

We’ve reviewed all types of locks so you don’t have to worry about finding a lock that suits your budget and needs. All these locks are extremely secure and full of features.

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