10 Best Child Proof Front Door Locks 2021 (Best Reviews Ever)

10 Best Child Proof Front Door Locks 2021 (Best Reviews Ever)

Having a toddler around in your house may seem cute and lovely and give you one of the best feelings. Children do light up our world but that implies a lot of responsibility too. Children need to be watched out 24/7 in case they don’t get to do anything to harm them like falling off the stairs, getting into kitchen, getting outside the house on the road or to go into your laundry room or storage area and play with heavy electronic machinery or tools. So to keep them safe within the boundaries of their rooms or playing area in the lounge an extra child proofing of the door locks must be done so as to ensure that they are safely secured inside while you work in the kitchen or do other home chores. Also they don’t get to enter the kitchen or laundry areas or can get out of the main door outside the house or open it up for any strangers.

This article gives you one of the best ideas you could implement in your home to make your best child proof front door locks and waive out the tension of they doing something extremely mischievous while you are doing cleaning. Just keep those little bags of cuteness full of naughtiness confined in their playing room and get an hour or half of peace to complete your office work or have a good cup of coffee.

So these are some great ideas and products to use on your doors to make the door lock secured from children opening it up.

1. Door top lock:

Getting a door lock that may be out of reach of your children to even try to open up is a great idea for child proofing it. So in that case installing a door top lock on your door is an easy to use and install option. It is installed on the top of the door so children can’t reach to open up the latches and adults could so. It can be locked or unlocked from both sides of the door. You can easily find one of these door top locks on amazon as Safety Innovations Child Proof Deluxe Door Top Lock for 1 3/8 inch Thick Interior Doors, (1-Pack) By Safety Innovations at a price of about $10.

  • 1. Installation is easy and without any tools
  • 2. Can fit all kinds of doors
  • 3. Cost friendly
  • 4. Effective child proofing of the door as it is installed on top so children can’t reach to try to open it.
  • 5. Opens and locks from both sides of door.
  • 6. Durable
  • 1. Cannot be installed on oversized or very thick doors

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2. Covers for door knobs:

Door with rotating door knobs are very easy to open and even small kids can easily do that. You can’t always lock it with a key as you may need to check on the children from time to time. A great idea to resolve the issue is to apply door knob covers on your door knobs.

These covers are compatible with your door design and won’t be noticeable due to its sleek and stylish look and is a good option to keep your child safe from opening or locking the door from inside. You can find these online on amazon store as Door Knob Covers – 4 Pack – Child Safety Cover – Child Proof Doors by Jool Baby Products at a price of about $12 for 4 pack.

  • 1. Easy installation
  • 2. Very cost friendly option
  • 3. Stylish design giving a blended look with the door design
  • 4. Lifetime warranty.
  • 1. Doesn’t fit on some door knobs
  • 2. Removing after installation is hard

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3.  Stick-on adjustable door locking strap:

 Another option for child proofing your door lock is to attach a stick-on door locking strap on your doors. These straps are adjustable so if you wish to keep some of the space open to peek inside the playing room or for you pets to easily move in or out and only keep your toddler to not leave the room or enter any. The strap is very easy to install just stick it on the door and the door frame and you are good to go. These straps are suitable to install on any kind of doors, cabinets or drawers. You can find these on amazon as Door Buddy Baby Proof Door Lock with Adjustable Strap by Door Buddy at a price of about $ 16.

  • 1. Extremely easy installation and removing
  • 2. Adjustable to different width suitable to your choice
  • 3. Compatible with different type and sized doors.
  • 1. A bit costly as compared to other simpler options
  • 2. Not effective for kids older than 2 years.

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4.  Monkey door lock: 

Installing a monkey door lock is a good option to go for in child proofing your lock. These locks just clips on the door and grip the door frame so as not locking it down completely shut so that pets can move in or out and there is an air passage in the room plus in case of sudden shutdown there is a chance of kids getting their fingers pinched between the door and door frame so it provides protection from that too.

These locks are very easy to use and without any tools can be installed and removed from the door. The lock is compatible with almost all kinds of doors and you can adjust it to any height you wish to according to the children in the room so they can’t reach high enough to open it up.

They are available on amazon as  DOOR MONKEY Door Lock & Pinch Guard – Safety Door Lock For Kids by Door Monkey for a price of about $13.

  • 1. Compatibility with almost all kinds of doors
  • 2. Easy and quick installation and removing
  • 3. Protection against accidental lock ins
  • 4. Provides pinch guarding for your child as door doesn’t slam shut
  • 5. Operable from both sides of the door
  • 1. A bit pricey option compared to others
  • 2. Might not look good so aesthetic is an issue

5. Stick-on Sliding Door Lock:

For homes having sliding door that provides access to outside areas or pools etc. must have these doors child proofed as they are very easy to open and can be dangerous if your child gets access to the outside or pool without being with someone in attending. So for sliding doors an idea is to install the stick-on sliding door lock. You just have to simply stick it on the sliding door and the lock hold in place to avoid the other side over it and open the door. For adults can easily press it down to slide the door. It can be installed at any height on the door according to your choice. The lock comes with TPR soft rubber so no scratching on the door due to it. 

You can find this one on amazon as Adoric 4-Pack Sliding Door Locks for Baby Safety by Adoric Life at a price of about $16 -$18 for a pack of 4 locks.

  • 1. Can be used with any kind of sliding door glass, wood, plastic or metal.
  • 2. Durable and reliable material for longer use.
  • 3. Offers one year warranty
  • 4. Cost friendly
  • 5. Simple usage and installation
  • 1. To remove it needs alcohol or hair dryer
  • 2. Not suitable for doors having less than 7mm gap in between.

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6.  Door guardian:

So for high level child proofing of your exterior doors or to secure them against any intruding installing a door guardian lock is the best option to go for. It doesn’t only keep your kids inside the doors but also prevents any uninvited guests in to your house without permission. The lock is easy to install on the door hinge as higher as you want to and in case your kids can reach out to it the lock is not simple enough for them to operate and open the latch. As for adults they can simply slide the outer part of the lock open outwards to unlatch it and unlock the door.

You can find these online on amazon store as The Original Brass Door Guardian Since 2010, Do Not Be Fooled by Imitators. by Cardinal Gates at a price of about $16 . It is among one of the best child safety products.

  • 1. It has rugged metal construction so provide strong protection against force.
  • 2. Easy to install and operate
  • 3. Provides full proof child safety and can’t be unlocked by kids
  • 4. Durable and reliable
  • 1. May be costly in case of simple childproofing lock solutions

7. U shaped sliding safety latch:

To keep your sliding cabinet doors or two flap opening room or exterior doors u shaped sliding safety latch door lock is a preferable option to go for. These are extremely easy to install and adjust to be installed on any kind of doors up to 5 inch apart handles. These locks won’t cause any scratching damage to your doors or cabinets. They provide high level child proofing of the doors so that your kid can’t sneak into your kitchen or laundry areas. 

These safety latch locks are available online on amazon as Child Safety Sliding Cabinet Locks (4 Pack) – Baby Proof Knobs, Handles, Doors – U Shape Sliding Safety Latch Lock by Jool Baby Products at a price of about $9 for a pack of 4 locks.

  • 1. Very cost efficient
  • 2. Provides full proof child safety
  • 3. Fits with almost all kinds of door handles and knobs
  • 4. Easy to use and install
  • 5. Lifetime warranty included
  • 1. Not durable enough for longer use
  • 2. Can be broken down with some extra force.

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8. Security bar lock:

In case you are living in an apartment or high rise building access to the balcony from a sliding door is a great factor for concern as your kid might not slip out to the balcony. Also in case of pool areas access through sliding doors might worry you a bit too. So in these cases where you want to make sure that your kid is not able to slide the door open by themselves installing a security bar lock is a great idea. It is easy to install and provides great strength protection so your kid might not be able to slide the door open even with much effort applied.

You can install it at any height you wish too and easy remove it to open the door. These bars are available on amazon online store as Ideal Security SK110W SK110 Patio Door Security Bar Child-Proof Lock, Adjustable 26-47 inches for Ventilation, Large, White by Ideal Security Inc. at a price of about $20.

  • 1. Easy to use and install
  • 2. Can be used for any kind of sliding door
  • 3. Durable and strong protection
  • 1. A bit expensive option to go for.

9. Lever handle lock:

The door with lever handles are the easiest ones for kids to open so need for child proofing them is prior. A great idea to do so is to install a lever handle lock. These handle locks are simple and quick to install and provides good protection against the children trying to open the lever handles. It requires the buttons on both sides of the bottom to unlock which can be done by an adult only and thus kids can try their best but won’t be able to open it up.

These are available online on amazon store as Improved Childproof Door Lever Lock 3-Pack Prevents by Wappa Baby at a price of about $18 for pack of 3 handle locks.

  • 1. Easy installation and operation
  • 2. Durable and reliable
  • 3. Can be installed with any lever handle door lock
  • 4. Money back guarantee.
  • 1. Might be a bit expensive option

10. Deadbolt lock:

A great option to childproof your door is to simply install a deadbolt lock on your door to prevent your kids from opening it up. These are simple and easy to install over an existing deadbolt hardware to protect it from children opening it.

You can get these deadbolt locks from amazon store online as Safety 1st Secure Mount Deadbolt Lock by Safety 1st at a price of about $10.

  • 1. Easy to use and install
  • 2. Durable and long lasting
  • 3. No damage to the door
  • 4. Fits almost all kinds of doors
  • 1. Expensive option to go for
  • 2. Doesn’t fits deadbolts wider than 2.166 inches

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So these are some of the best options that you can go for in case you need to child proof door locks in your house. According to the price and simplicity of function the Door Knob Covers – 4 Pack – Child Safety Cover – Child Proof Doors by Jool Baby Products is the one recommended for use. And in case of high level security and child proofing your house Door Guardian is the option you must go for.

You might need to spend a little bit more but caring for your child’s safety is the prime concern you must keep in mind. So choose any of the above childproofing lock options for your doors and ensure that your baby is safe within the house and also from getting outside.

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