Best Emergency Door Lock Ideas for Schools

Best Emergency Door Lock Ideas for Schools

Best emergency door lock ideas for schools Considering the prevailing security threats due to terrorist attacks all over the world or in case of riots or in case of protest where the participants usually tend to damage the government property or to close down schools  etc. the need for training the people to face such situations and take action without panicking have attained much importance. Many emergency training’s and drills are done in schools and colleges to train the teachers and students for such a critical situation. Usually the staff or teachers are not equipped with any weapons to face the intruders or compete with them. So to protect the students from these people as they might harm the children the teachers are trained to lock the classrooms or school doors completely until the security forces comes to the rescue.

This article outlines some of the quick hacks or ideas that can be applied to lock down the school or classroom doors so as to provide protection against any violent activity or harming person entering the school.

Magnetic strips: 

These are most easy and common lockdown product to use. In case of the need to take rapid action using the lockdown magnetic strips is a great idea. For the doors with steel frames this one of the fastest methods for lockdown in case of any emergency. The strips are easy to use and keep the doors lockdown ready at all times so you don’t have to worry about the school security. These lockdown magnetic strips are simple door latch covers and have a keyless operation so in case of any intruder activity you can simply and quickly just lock out the doors without worrying for finding keys of the lock. The magnetic strip is simply placed on the metal frame of the door so as to cover the strike plate of the door and close it, the door will be able to open and close. In case of lockdown situation the door is slightly opened to remove the magnetic strip and close the door and it will get locked down.

These kinds of magnetic strips are available online on amazon store as Value Pack Lockdown Magnetic Strips for School Security Lockdowns – Simple Method to Lock Doors Quickly (10 Count) by Lockdown Strips.

The company is well known for their products for high quality student safety and is trusted and applied in many schools in districts across America.

  • The strips are easy to install and use
  • Speedy lockdown
  • The doors of classrooms or school remain in lockdown ready position thus making the building secured completely all the time.
  • Cost friendly
  • The strips are easy to install and use
  • Speedy lockdown
  • The doors of classrooms or school remain in lockdown ready position thus making the building secured completely all the time.
  • Cost friendly

Portable door jamming lock


Best emergency door lock ideas for schools Another idea you can apply for emergency lock down situation in a school is to keep a portable door jamming lock in the classroom cupboards or on the shelf near the school entry doors. These door jammers are easy to install and use and provides a better and stronger door jamming to keep any intruders or uninvited human activity inside the school premises.

The device is portable and can be kept in shelves or be carried in bags easily to use in case of emergency situations. It provides high security protecting from any potential risk to the school or students. The device is compatible with all kinds of flooring be it carpet, wooden, marble or laminated. The door jammer can be installed within seconds and is adjustable to use with door having high threshold. 

You can find this product on amazon as DoorJammer Portable Door Lock Brace for Home Security and Personal Protection (DJ1 – DoorJammer (Original Edition)) by DoorJammer

The company is entrusted for their high quality products and gives a 12 month guarantee for the product. The price for this door jamming lock is $40.

  • Portable and easy to install
  • Removable easily by upward motion in case of fire emergency etc.
  • Adjustable with different doors and flooring
  • Durable and provides firm grip against the outside force.
  • Costly as compared to other simple lockdown tools.

Steel plate portable door lock

Locking down the door of the classroom or school by a steel plate portable door lock is also a good option to go for. This is also easy to install and use kind of emergency door lock. These door locks are very compact in size and can be easily carried anywhere plus the design is simple and requires no tools for installation in the doors. These door locks are compatible to use with any inward opening doors worldwide so no need to worry about checking the lock model number to be fitted with the type of door installed in your school. These locks can be used instantly installing within seconds thus making the lockdown procedure quick and safe in case of any emergency situation that may occur. 

You can find these portable locks on amazon from the company Alamic at a price of around $13.

  • Easy installation without any tools.
  • Compact and convenient.
  • Compatible with all kinds of doors.
  • Easy to release to without any tools so no risk of locked down inside in case of fire or other hazard
  • Child safety included so can’t be opened from small kids
  • Cost efficient compared to similar functioning locks.
  • Moderate strength may not provide very strong locking down against heavy external for

LOCK DOWN latch portable door locks

For high security risk situations installing a tough and strong portable lock for emergency crisis situation is advisable option. So opting for a lockdown latch portable lock is a wise idea. These portable locks are made from aircraft quality aluminum and can hold against very strong outside force. The lock is portable and can be carried easily plus the installation is easy and very less time consuming. The lock is compatible with all kinds of doors and works on the principle of load dividing on the lock and door frame so doesn’t break down easily.

You can find these kind of locks easily on amazon, one of which is Travelers Security Lock – Portable Door Lock by TSL  at price of about $50.

  • Portable and small size lock can be carried anywhere
  • Tough and strong construction providing high emergency security
  • Reliable and remarkable performance
  • Compatible with almost all kind of doors.
  • Costly as compared to other options
  • If fire emergency occurs difficult to open up the door

Chain and plate portable door lock:

This is also a quick and easy to use kind of lock that can be installed instantly in case of facing a security crisis. These locks are very handy and light weighted so can be carried easily anywhere and installed. The locks are compatible with all kinds of door worldwide. The locks are also easy to remove from the door so as to protect you from the hassle of getting locked inside and waiting for someone to come to open up the door from key.

The product is available online at amazon store from iFJF at price of about $14.

  • Portable and easy to install without any tools
  • Can be fitted into all kinds of doors
  • Provides instant locking down
  • Can be removed from inside
  • Can be easily bent and broken

Rod door defense system

Image Product Details   Price
Door Security Bar
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A great and speedy door locking idea is to install the rod door locking system. This is an easy and fast door locking option which locks it down in mere seconds. You can find one this system as Barracuda Door Defense System by Barracuda on amazon store online.

The product is constructed with heavy duty steel and securely locks the door entry point in case of emergency lock down. It is easy to install and free standing so you can transfer it from one point to another. It is simply installed by just sliding it under the door and then moving the handles to simply engage on the door jamb and lockdown the door.

  • Instant and strong door locking
  • Easily installed
  • Portable
  • May not provide very high security
  • Fits on door that have at least 8.25 inch wide jamb

       Another idea for locking down the door instantly in case of an emergency situation or to provide protection against any intruder activity is too install a sleeve or rampant bar. This provides the rapid lock down which is critical in case of shootout attacks. These are quick and rapid solutions and can be installed with other locking down tools.

      It is also preferable to install an automated locking system in schools for complete remote monitoring and complete lock down of school building and alarm alert for the security system. But these kinds of systems are very costly and can be a nuisance for other people coming in the school other than staff or the students. But for schools in high security risk areas can go for this option too.


       Hopefully you found this article helpful in having an overview of simple emergency door locking options which must be applied in schools and classroom to provide protection against any foreign activity. So buy any of these from amazon and take your school security up a notch.

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