5 Best Front Door for Security in 2020

Best Front Door for Security

Unfortunately, the best front door for security is not always the most beautiful. People like to make doors look attractive by adding glass inserts, sidelights, and decorative and stained glass. But the truth is that the safest best front door for security has no windows or glass, and should not have sidelights, especially on the side of the lock, and should have a peephole camera.

However, not all exterior doors are the same. There are few essential factors to consider, including cost, maintenance, appearance, energy efficiency, and how effectively they prevent kicking. I have selected five best security doors for your home safety, so let’s have a look. 

1. Hand Security Steel REHUNG Commercial Door Welded Frame

Main Features: 

This Steel door is a huge solid steel plate. It keeps everything that tries to pass without a key and can withstand any challenges beyond the tank. The frame is also sturdy steel, so intruders won’t kick it down or force it to open soon.


Do you want a security door? L.I.F steel anti-theft door is a sturdy commercial-grade metal plate, which can prevent any uninvited guests from entering their proper place.

The door intended to install while still under construction, but can still be placed after the fact. This door is a complete, not an add-on, so you cannot just pop it out in front of an existing port. This door made of galvanized steel and can be spray-painted if the monotonous default gray doesn’t fit the aesthetic orientation of your house.

The door’s combination anchor can install in a masonry structure or a drywall structure, and the lock can also prevent prying. Unlike other doors we have observed, it equipped with all the hardware needed, such as knobs, locks, bolts, etc. One disadvantage of this construction is that you cannot switch between rotating outwards and handing over to the same door. There are four models in all four configurations, but once you buy one, you cannot flip the hinge or any other kind of thing.

Now, technically, this is a commercial product for business use, but this shouldn’t stop you from developing, because it means that the quality is much higher than most home products. The company uses this door to protect its valuables and sensitive property, which is the best recognition it may get.

  • Solid, Sturdy and Extremely Secure
  • All Hardware Included
  • Swing and handing cannot alter

2. WOOD GUARD Steel Security Door: 

Basic Features:

The main advantage of Wood guard is that you don’t need to replace the entire door with it, just add it to the outside of the current door. It increases the sense of security provided by the security door, and the density of the mesh structure means that in the hot summer months, you can keep another door open for air circulation in the room without having to worry about insects passing or people entering.


Prime-Line Wood guard is an additional security screen door with a steel frame and mesh decorated with wooden elements, designed to be applied to the top of existing front doors. The door uses a durable perforated steel mesh, but if the inner door is kept open, the air is still allowed to move, and the hole is small enough to prevent insects from entering.

The exterior wooden elements undoubtedly make this door easier to use than ordinary steel sheet in appearance and can be perfectly matched with various styles.

The door swings on three tempered-resistant hinges that are not artificially restricted, and it means that the flip-door allows you to install in any direction. The frame is welded steel and is very comfortable so that the tool not force into any gap. Although the frame itself is not too thick and lacks the structure of the surrounding house, you would think it will easy to push to open, but it would not fall out and align with the door itself, so there is no way to do that.

Installing the door is comfortable with the included screws. All you need to do is drill holes in the right place, secure the frame in place, and complete. Although simple installation is usually a good thing, the problem, in this case, is that removing it is just as easy. As long as intruders simply unscrewed things, they were also likely to steal the door. That said, these screws are already genuinely secured, and if you use an electric screwdriver to tighten them, they will also require one.

Naturally, since this is a new shielded door, it is much thinner than most dedicated security doors, and by default, the mesh is not as durable as the solid board. If you choose this door, you do so because you know that a proper security door is not needed, but customers seeking maximum security will not be satisfied with this model.

  • Mesh Allows for Airflow while Keeping out insects
  • Very easy in installation
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Thin Mesh is not very secure

3. Solid Hemlock 6-Panel Interior Wood Doors, Unfinished, (30″ x 80″)

Basic Features:

This Hemlock Door has 63.9-pound weight, and its size is 30 x 80 inches. This door is unfinished, and you can paint it yourself. This door can provide you security with a thickness of 1.38 inches and solid material. 


Way Door has been manufacturing doors since 1993. Hemlock interior doors are much harder than pine. A fully dense vertical texture gives the door the best look. When the hemlock darkens over time with sunlight, it usually still retains its original, freshly worn pastel color.

Concerning engineering construction, Way door uses a variety of innovative technologies to make the best doors. The 100% solid hemlock in the ladder provides incredible strength and durability. All ladders and rail joints are pinned, which makes its structure super stable. The 2-year warranty is available from the date of purchase. 

  • Solid Western Hemlock
  • 6 Panel Design
  • Solid Wood Door
  • his is a single door

4. Prime-Line Products 3853BK3068-WF Flagstaff Steel Security Door, 36″ x 80″

Basic Features:

This Black color door has 86 pounds weight, and its size is 36 x 80 inches. The beautiful flagstaff style with steel material provides beauty and security both at a time. 


The Staff staff steel safety door features a 24-gauge perforated steel mesh, a 1-inch by a 1-inch welded steel frame, and three heavy-duty tamper-resistant hinges. It is non-manual, meaning it can be installed right-handed or left-handed and includes a one-piece 1-1 / 4 in. External mounting frame and one-way mounting screws for easy installation. Door dimensions are 3 feet x 6 feet 8 inches (36 inches x 80 inches), and overall dimensions including external mounting frames are 3 feet 3 inches x 6 feet 9-3 / 4 inches (39 inches) x 81-3 / 4 inches).

  • Beautiful and Secure
  • Can be installed left or right swinging
  • You can install lock of your own choice
  • Single Door


5. Snap Safe Vault Room Door |Vault Door For Firearms Storm Shelters Panic Rooms and Personal Protection

Basic Features:

The most secure door has a 350-pound weight. With dimensions of 86.8 x 43.8 x 11.2 inches. The digital lock with key backup can provide you more security. 


Fasten the secure rotatable safe door. Use Snap Safe Vault doors to increase the safety of any closet, room, or rain shelter. Its best solid steel structure and easy installation provide an effective and very economical way to protect existing areas from theft and accidental intrusion. Your Snap Safe vault door comes with a standard SecuRam digital lock with facility of key backup. We also offer EMP lock upgrades (sold separately). A handy kit contains all the tools and hardware. Specification number 75415, for standard 36-inch door opening door height: 81 inches / internal gap width: 31.4 inches / external width: 36.8 inches / weight: 350 pounds. Catalog No. 75416 For standard 32-inch door opening height: 81 inches / interior gap width: 27.4 inches / outer width: 32.8 inches / weight: 330 pounds

  • Most Secure Door Digital Lock with key backup
  • Rotatable door
  • You cannot pick it up alone, and it is very heavy

Buyer Guide: Different Door Types and their features:

Wooden Doors: 

A wooden door is your safest front door choice when getting started, but it must be a solid wood door. Generally, wooden doors described as exterior doors are sturdy, always 1 3/4 inches thick. They can be purchased as pre-hung doors that include a frame, or as a slab with only a door and not a frame.

If you plan to buy a wooden front door, there are a few features to pay attention to. Wood doors are not as energy-efficient as fiberglass or insulated steel doors and must be maintained more often than steel or fiberglass doors.

I know someone whose wood doors are lovely. Due to the weather, the staining must repeat every two years.

While the door is being sanded, dyed, and sanded all day, the door must altogether remove from the hinges before applying the final stain. Needless to say, after three treatments, he chose a fiberglass door with a wooden appearance.

In terms of safety, solid wood doors work well with the right bolts and side post reinforcements. Door frames usually break before the door breaks.

Distressed Solid Mahogany Front Door:

This material may look for old-fashioned and dilapidated doors, but the structure is by no means antique and shabby. The sturdy mahogany is one of the most common door woods and can make your front door weigh up to 150 pounds. Plus, the thickness is more than two inches. These doors are easy to install but difficult to disassemble.

Steel Core with Wood Exterior Door:

When choosing the best secure entry doors for your house, the fusion of steel core doors and mahogany exterior walls can be a successful combination. This structural combination is the leader in super-secure exterior doors because the steel inner core forms a robust entrance that provides a stylish look due to its exterior wood exterior.

Solid Steel Front Door:

Nothing speaks of “secure front doors for homes” more than solid steel. These heavy doors made of galvanized steel are incredibly durable and secure. So that they can stop not only thieves but also can stop the spread of smoke and fire in the home. The only drawback of the steel door may be the lack of style, but a little paint can’t solve it.

Steel and Mesh:

You want the Best Front Doors For Security, but you also want a breathable door? These combination doors made of striking industrial steel frames and 24-gauge perforated steel mesh. You can even find doors with an outer wood component, such as pine, to make them look more natural. Remember that steel mesh doors, while inherently safe, are not a substitute for a solid front door. Think of this option as your entrance secure, secondary screened door.

Sliding Meshtec Screen:

Although not considered an ideal front door option, this sliding patio security door made of a patented stainless steel woven mesh that secures it to the door frame. No additional protective strips are needed. The mesh screen is extremely durable and will not break even if cut, tamped, or kicked, making it ideal for covering fragile sliding glass doors. And because it’s meshed, you can let the air in on a beautiful day, while preventing bugs and thieves from entering.

Ensuring family safety and health is your number one priority. These options are just a few of the most secure front doors that you can choose to keep your home safer. However, if you still want to add a bit of security (minus your investment in home security systems), don’t underestimate the capabilities of door jammers or other anti-theft tips, tricks, and tools.

 Consideration for the best door for security:

Fortunately, buying a new door is not a complicated task. Whether wooden doors, steel doors, or fiberglass doors, most come with pre-suspended frames, and the holes in the doors have been pre-cut for tie rods and bolts.

Pre-cut holes in the door are the standard size in the industry, and it doesn’t matter which manufacturer you get the door from because the diameter of the lever and bolt is standard in the whole lock industry.

The diameter of the hole (hole through the door) is always 2 1/8 “. And the distance of the hole from the edge of the door is always 2 3/8” or 2 3/4 “. This distance is called the reverse distance. Again, this is Industry standard with locks. All locks have an adjustable length latch so they can use with 2 3/8 “or 2 3/4”.

The only setting you may need to make to the door is to drill a peephole. It’s easy, and you just need to drill a small hole. Of course, this is the case if you get a sturdy door that does not open at the height of the line of sight, and I don’t recommend it when considering safety. Some manufacturers add a hole to the peephole for free or for a small fee when ordering the door.

Conclusion : Best Front Door for Security

In this article, I have discussed the different best front door for security. Generally, wooden doors are attractive, but they can be expensive, require maintenance, and are not very energy efficient.

Steel doors are cheap, easily discolored, sunken and scratched, and must repair to prevent rust and save energy. If you only consider security, these are the best front doors to home security. But if they are damaged, sunken, or scratched to make them secure, maintenance will be required.

FRP doors are more expensive than steel but cheaper than wood, require almost no maintenance, are more durable than wood or steel doors, and are very energy efficient, but they are somewhere between the glass and wooden doors in terms of safety.

Overall, considering maintenance, cost, appearance, and resistance to attack, fiberglass doors are the best front door for home security.

If you have any queries in mind or you also want to share your experience, then contact me through comments. 

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