8 Best lock for apartment door 2020 (Secure Your Home)

Best lock for apartment door

Door lock are your first line of defense against thieves. If you are looking for best lock for apartment door to secure your apartment door lock, home door lock or Airbnb door lock than you are on the right place. Today we will compile a list of 7 best apartment door locks that can secure your house.

According to FBI stats 63% of the robberies and theft cases happen due to poor door locks. So you need to really care about your home safety. We mostly purchase high end products and accessories to decor or home but when we choose our door locks our attitude so causal.

Please always choose best and reliable product for your apartment security. We compile a comprehensive list for you so that you can easily select your best apartment door lock without any prior knowledge. You must need some additional information before purchasing the best lock for apartment door for your home.

Secure:- This attribute is one of the essential in every door lock. If your door lock is not secure than you had wasted your money. So what mean by a secure door lock? A secure door lock is which can hold force entry or kicked in force applied by the intruders.

Style:- This is another important aspect of the apartment door lock. If you door lock has an old design and not looks great than your whole hard work goes in vain. So always choose best door lock which looks modern and stylish so your dream home looks more beautiful.

Affordable:- Affordability is key for most of the people when they purchase home items. If a door give you security and style but its cost you too much money and your pocket did not allow you to spend this amount of money. So always plan you budget and then purchase accordingly.

Child safe:- every house has children and their safety is No one choice of every parent. So be wise when choosing a door lock for your apartment. If a door has all features but it is not child safe then you should not buy this.

Easy to Install:- Ease of use is one of the main feature when choosing an apartment door lock because if you need too much tool or need a mechanic to install it then it will cost you extra amount of money. So always select such a product that will be easily installed and removed. 

This comprehensive list of best lock for apartment door is allowed you to choose best door lock for your home. We researched 31 hours to write this piece of content.

Our main focus is to give you more security, safety, affordability and style in these brands. We use some traditional lock and some modern finger print lock so that you can choose according to your needs. You need not worry about their quality and reputation because they all are belongs to reputable brand and affordable price is a plus point for you.

So without any further delay let start our list of best lock for apartment door that will secure your house like no other can do.

1. Defender Security Satin Nickel U 10827 Door Reinforcement Lock

This apartment door lock is our favorite and more secure than any other door lock. The best quality is that this door cannot be kicked in. it can easily hold 800 lbs. of force so that you should need not be worried about any powerful strike to your door because it can easily handle it.

This apartment door lock is easily install-able and you can install it without any prior knowledge. You can easily use it in any weather like hot, warm, snow, temperature etc. Child safety is another main feature of this door lock. They will give you an installation guide and video so you can easily install it without any help. Best lock for apartment door.

  • Highly secure can handle up to 800lbs. of force
  • Child safe
  • Temperature resistance
  • Easily to install
  • More than 50K sale shows the trust of the customer
  • Very sharp edges
  • Old design

2. Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar

This security bar is for indoor use only and is very effective against force entry, kicked in, or any other robbery issue. So if you do not want to add more locks on your apartment door than this product is for you.

This product is very simple but yet very effective we add this because of its low price and very handy when it comes to security of your apartment. You can use it on vacation in hotels or any outdoor room when stays.

The main feature of this door lock is portable you can use it where ever you want. Very easy to install, this door bar is one meter long so it can be easily install on any door. This security bar is adjustable and can be used on variety of door.

  • Portable & Adjustable so you can use it on any type of door
  • Made with 20 gage steel
  • No tool required to install it
  • Best for outdoor use like hotel etc
  • Best for force entry or kicked in
  • Not suitable for big doors
  • Plastic top breaks

3. Guard Security Gotham Heavy Duty Mortise Attached Lockset

Another best lock for apartment security. This door is stylish so it can be looks great on your door. Safety wise it is one of the best door in our list. This door lock is looks great on any door and add more value and look to your door when added.

Fully secure mean heavy duty sheet is used to protect for force entry or being kicked in.  This door lock is very easy to install just you need to put hole on the door to install this beautiful door. This door is commercial grade so you can trust on its security and quality.

  • Stylish design
  • Commercial grade material
  • Child safe
  • Easy to install
  • Expensive than other

4. Defender Security U 11316 Swing Bar Door Guard

This is simple yet very secure door lock for your dream apartment. The main feature of this lock is you can open door a bit to see the coming person while your door is still like. This feature make it more attractive choice for customer.

The look of this door is simple but it can work like charm. This apartment door lock is best against force entry and you will feel very secure in your home. In case of emergency this lock can prevent a force of 10 lbs. at a time.

The material use to build this security door lock is Zinc. This door lock is very easy to install and you can install with the video guide provided by the owner. A manual is available in the box.

  • Easy to install
  • Thumb turn lock prevents
  • Child safe
  • Very cheap
  • Old design

5. DATO Smart Fingerprint Door Lock – Digital Touchscreen Key less Entry Front Door Lock with Backup Key

This is number one chose if you like stylish and modern design. This door lock comes with finger print sensor and keypad door lock which is one of the latest inventions in the home safety field.

This door lock comes with five unlocking methods so you can easily unlock with your own choice. You have different choices like finger print, keypad, RFID card, normal key to open this best apartment door lock. The best part is the battery which last almost one year which gives you less maintenance hurdles and cost as well.

The best part which I like is you can time limit password which allows you to set an password which will open after one hour or time you specify. Another option which makes this door lock is one the best choice is app authorization so you can easily lock and unlock the door with your mobile app.

  • Finger print unlocking
  • Time limit on password
  • Mobile app unlocking
  • Modern design
  • Use in any weather conditions
  • Very secure
  • Need prior knowledge to use
  • Need mechanic to install
  • Costly price due to high end product

6. DATO Smart Door Lock, Key less Fingerprint and Touchscreen Digital Door Lock, Secure Bluetooth

Another technology oriented apartment door lock for you. This modern design door lock is very secure and you cannot imagine what type of safety this door lock can provide you.

The best feature is finger print locking and unlocking of the door which makes it more attractive choice to customer. You can also lock or unlock this lock through mobile app or smart watch via Bluetooth.

Advance machine learning system is install in it so you do not worry about any misuse. Very easy to install because you don’t need any wire to lock to work. The company claim only 15 minutes for installing. So if you like touchscreen digital door locks technology than this the ultimate choice for you.

  • Smart lock Tech like finger print sensor etc
  • Easy to install within 15 minutes
  • Advance AI technology
  • Modern style
  • 120 finger print at a time
  • Expensive

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7. Smart Lock, NexTrend Smart Electronic Door Lock with Bluetooth Key less, Touchscreen

This is most attractive design and safest lock on the list. This door lock needs full article to count its features. Auto lock is one of the most favorite because when you don’t know how to operate it then you use this function to lock the door easily.

You can set a time when door is not used so the intelligent system detect the not in use time and lock the door so that if you forget to lock even then you need not be worried about.

OLED display makes it more attractive and stylish design. The batter gives you ability to lock unlock up to 5000 time per one charge. This modern door lock is connect with the mobile app and it transfer its data to his master all the time about the activity log. So the owner always be in touch with his home activity and safety.

The best part is you can enter your home without key. You can only use pass key to entry your home so you do not need to put key or mobile in the pocket for unlocking of the home.

You can manage your guest through mobile app. Even you can allot them E-key to entry the house if you are not present at the time of your guest arrival.

The customer support makes this one of the best choice to buy for your home. This lock gives you one year warranty and life time technical assistance. After so much features I hope you will like this.

  • Customer support
  • OLED display
  • Finger print sensor, pass key, mobile unlocking
  • Long battery
  • Guest management through app
  • Activity log
  • Keyless entry
  • Need prior knowledge to operate
  • Expensive
  • Hacking is possible

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8. Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock (Satin Nickel) | 5-in-1 Keyless Entry

This is last best lock for apartment door is ultra log UL3. This door lock provides 5 in 1 key less entry to your home. This will allow you to use any one way to unlock the door. You do not worry about key or mobile phone to unlock your house.

The company provides 18 month of electronics warranty and life time mechanical warranty. Which is the best part I think you do not need to worry about the quality of the products almost 3000 sales shows the product is trending know.

Low battery alarm mean when door lock battery get low it will beep so you can know the issue and simple change battery will solve the issue.

DIY installation is another mind blowing features. This mean you can install it by yourself without any prior knowledge.

  • 5 in 1 keyless entry
  • Good support
  • Low battery alarm
  • Do it Yourself installing
  • Lifetime technical assistance
  • OLED display
  • Need prior knowledge to operate
  • Expensive

So, we hope you like our list of 8 best lock for apartment door for your home. We try to add different types of locks ranging from budget to expensive, simple to keyless so that you can choose them according to your need.

Our purpose of this articles fulfill if you get all the answer you need. So we hope our article cover every aspect of this topic and you get some knowledge before making any decision.

If you pocket permits than we recommend choose keyless door lock so that you can get full benefits of modern technology. But if you have limited budget than don’t be worry about we also add best apartment door lock in budget. They also have so many features and fulfill the basic requirement of securing your home form force entry or being kicked in.

So you have all the choices with you. Please keep in mind that latest technology need more flexibility but needs more time to get know how of the system. Please tell us what will be your choice from this list.

If you need any further help we are always ready to help you in any way. Simply fill contact us form and we will be in contact with you shortly.

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