7 Best Sliding Glass Door Lock 2020 ( Expert Guide )

best sliding glass door lock

We hope you are using sliding glass door for your home of so, then you must want to know about best sliding glass door locks. Sliding door lock looks so beautiful and they are a very convenient way to entry and exit through your house.

Everyone wants to make his house beautiful and the sliding glass door lock is the ultimate choice. But they have some major drawbacks as well one of which door security. They do not provide any security and locks are also not available in the market easily.

This articles will help you to cover over this issue. We will provide you best sliding glass door lock list that can be fitted on your sliding glass door without looking ugly.

We had done comprehensive research to find out best door lock for your sliding door. They will add safety and style at the same time. Our criteria to select these locks is very strict. We follow following guidelines before selection of any product.


Security is the main purpose of to purchase these products. So we select only those products that can provide ultimate security to your sliding glass door.

if a lock has all the modern feature but does not provide security than it has no use. So we select those product which are capable of handling more force so they can handle any force entry to the house.

We select hundreds of product and then choose few of them basis on the customer rating so that you can finally get the best sliding glass door lock for your house.


Second most important feature of a good lock is it should be stylish and fit with modern door and does not look ugly. If a person is using sliding door lock that mean he is very keen for his house look so we choose only those lock which suit with your good looking sliding door.

Style does not mean only look of the door lock we mean it should be looks a part of your door. Which make it more attractive choice.


Any important criteria of selection is affordability. If a door is looks good, durable but does not have affordable price than I it has no use for you. Everyone has a budget and they cannot go beyond that.

We take care of this aspect also so you will find low to medium price door locks for your sliding door.

Easy to Install:-

Every lock need some tools and knowledge to install it. We try our level best to select some to best and easy to install door lock for your sliding door so that you can install them by use without any prior knowledge.

We add few lock that does not need any tool to install them. You should only need to watch video about how to install sliding glass door without any tool. The video is available on the product page.

A user manual also helps you to install a glass door lock without any expert. So you simple choice according to your requirement.

Child Safe:-

Another important feature that we take care of is child safety. All the door which are listed below are child safe and you simple bought and use them according to your needs.

So after searching so many factors we choose some of the best locks available in the market so that you got your best door lock for your sliding door.

Most of the thief’s use your backdoors to entry to your house and as a house owner we mostly thought that why we need a lock on our sliding door? Because a thief can break the glass and entry to house as well.

But it’s not true because thief’s always try to entry silently so that they get what they want. So if they break the glass the sound is so loud which makes you alert and they will not get their desire money.

We suggest you to always secure your sliding door with best lock so that you can feel safe in our house.

Over eight million home property theft cases reported every year in United States along. This number shows the important of door locks. You should take care of your doors and windows and must add additional security layer to make your house more secure.

You can add security alarm as an additional layer of defense. Sliding door makes your backyard entrance more beautiful but also compromises on security as well. So, always try to make sure that you put lock to sliding door and use any additional security layer to them to protect your house form any possible theft.

So we hope you have gain enough knowledge about how to secure a sliding door lock. Without any further delay let’s start our list of best sliding door lock.

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1. Sliding Door And Window lock Aluminum

This door lock is first in our list because of its durability and modern look. The door is made with metal and available in white silver and steel colors.

This door lock is best for sliding doors, glass sliding doors, windows, aluminum Window etc. This door lock comes with a key locking feature which makes him comfortable to use the product.

This sliding door lock is easy to install you can install it with some basic tools and with user manual. No need of any expert to install it. 

  • Good design
  • Very secure
  • Affordable
  • Ease of Use
  • Basic design

2. Defender Security U 9846 Prime Line Loop Sliding door lock

This door lock is very durable because it is made with steel bar. This beautiful door lock is specially made for sliding doors to add some additional security layer.

This door lock is child safe you can install out of the reach of the children so they cannot open or lock this door lock. Which makes him children safe door lock.

This door lock can easily be install on any type of sliding door without any expertise. We personally like this lock due to its affordable price and a lot of features.

  • Child Safe
  • Steel bar material
  • Easy to install
  • Ease of use
  • Old design

3. Ideal Security BK 110W Patio Door Security Bar

This is one of the best option to secure a sliding door lock. We strongly recommend this product if you do not want to install any extra lock on your sliding door lock.

This bar is adjustable and can be used on any size of the door. It can be extended up to 26 – 47 inches. This security bar includes a new feature called anti lift lock so that your child cannot use it.

You can install it without any help. They add video and user guide with product so that you can simple watch that video or read the manual to install the product according to your need. This sliding door lock bar can be install inside or outside according to your needs.

This bar is not pressure mounted bar which is not suitable for homes. Another great feature of his bar is the height mean you cannot bend or lift yourself to open the door. Which makes this product so attractive for customers.

The bar is visually seen through the glass so that burglar can see it and not put any afford of opening the door. 

We recommend this product because of its so many awesome features that makes it a good choice for customers.

  • Child Safe
  • Ease of use
  • Adjustable
  • Not a pressure mounted bar
  • Easy to install
  • Too Big

4. Sliding glass door child lock – OKEFAN

This is best door lock for child care people. This lock is very handle when it comes to the child safety.

If you are not a tech expert than this lock is for you because you does not need any tool to install it. Simple three step process to install this sliding door lock to safe your house for burglars or children.

It has very great shape and very durable. You can use them for your home door locks and even for windows as well.

  • Child safe
  • No tool required to install
  • 3 step simple installation process
  • Not safe against burglar

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5. Lion Locks Aluminum sliding door lock

These locks look so simple but they are very hard and they can handle any force entry. They are made with heavy duty aluminum.

This locks is very easy to install you do not need any tool to install simple use your thumb to press them on the corners of your sliding door locks. They are very simple to use and yet very effective against burglars.

  • Easy to install
  • Good Protection
  • Very cheap price
  • Child safe
  • Very basic design

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6. CAL Lock Smart Bolt Lock sliding door

This amazing door lock is highly durable. The company claim of 1000 Lbs. of force entry can be handle with this lock. This door lock is best for force entry or being kicked in.

Child safety is another option you can put this lock on your sliding door to prevent your child form going outside. This will help you to protect and take care of your child in bad weather etc.

  • Best for child safety
  • Very durable
  • Good design
  • Money back guarantee
  • Need expert to install

7. Burglabar 2 Pack

This is another unique option to lock your sliding door. This door lock can also be used on windows safety. You can use this lock enforce your child to stay in side of the house.

This door lock will be installed without any tools. So if you need a door lock which is durable and easy to install than this will be your ultimate choice.

This lock can handle 300 to 450 pound of force at a time which makes it a good choice against burglars.

  • Very durable
  • Child lock
  • Modern design
  • Very cheap
  • Basic protection

Basic Protection:

So this is our list of best sliding glass door lock for your home. We include different products ranging from high budget to low and high end user to basic safety needs. We take care every aspect of your home safety before selecting any product for your sliding glass door lock.

The sliding glass door adds more value in the beauty of your house but they are less secure and best target for burglars. Most of the sliding glass doors come with basic stoppers which will not be able to stop any theft attempt. So you must need an additional security layer to protect your home form these issues.

You should keep in mind few point before making any decision:-

  1. Your sliding glass door lock should not be made of wood
  2. Plastic material is also not suitable for glass doors
  3. Metal or steel material is best for the door locks
  4. Child lock must be present
  5. Lock should be matched with your door color
  6. Don’t use too heavy locks on glass doors

Two most common question that people online search are:-

How to fix sliding glass door lock?

It depends on your expertise if you have any knowledge about the door lock then you can do it yourself otherwise you need an expert to fix this issue.

The second part is if your door lock has a simple algorithm to operate then you can fix it without any expertise but nowadays smart door locks are introduced which need experts to fix them.

The third option, if your sliding glass door lock belongs to the well reputable brand then simply call their technical support they will fix for you.

Which sliding door lock is best for me?

It depends on your requirement if you need a glass door lock for child lock than you can purchase any simple lock which can help you to protect your child.

On the other hand if you require for burglar than you buy a door lock that should be capable of handling for force. Hope you will get your answers.

You should add curtain or use blinders to sliding glass doors. Most of the locks available in the market are very good but you should take care of the brand as well before making any decision.

You can also add glass break sensor. This sensor is specially made for glass breaking issues. You can use it so that if your door or window glass broken the system will sent you message via app and ring alarm which will help you to take precautionary measure.

Security camera also help you a lot in these issues. If you listen alarm about glass broken you should use your security camera to check out the issue instead of going outside and risking your life.

We pick these sliding glass door locks after applying a tough criteria. We search the whole web for best siding door lock and make a list of well reputable brands on the basis of customer review their feed backs, company reputation, track record etc. to give you this final list.

We hope this list of best sliding glass door lock will help you finding your dream lock. After reading this article you will get all your answer related to sliding glass door lock security and their solutions.

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