04 Best High Security Deadbolt Locks 2020 (Best Reviews)

High security deadbolt lock

According to the Ministry of Justice, most intrusions committed by criminals who came in through the front door. Even if you work hard to lock yourself up, you need a High Security Deadbolt locks stop the thief.

That’s why CR engineers used custom fixtures to perform insertion tests while swinging a 100-Dollar steel ram with a locked door. They repeated the experiment eight times, raising the hammer to higher and higher heights, or until the lock failed.

CR’s door lock test engineer Misha Kollontai said, “In our strong kick tests, the failure mostly caused by short screws used to secure the cleat to the door frame.” When this is the cause, use a strengthened strike. Instead of the accompanying strike plate, the strike plate costs only $ 10, thereby increasing the kick strength of the lock. “

As per my research and tests, these locks can provide you the best security to your home and family. Let us review the locks. 

1. Schlage Touch Camelot Deadbolt

Basic Features: 

Dimensions: 1.5 X 3 X 5.4 Inches, Weight: 6.4 Ounces, Finish Satin Nickel, Warranty: Limited Lifetime Mechanical, Anti Drill Plate, Program up to 19 codes, LED Down-lighting, Two Year Extended Battery Life, 9v Battery Backup, Key-less Fingerprint-Resistant Touch Screen.


Just like Lockey in the United States, this is an entirely key-less system with anti-collision and anti-collision bolts, which is both safe and convenient.

Schlage locks are known for their quality and appearance, and Touch Camelot is no exception. The stainless steel lock is 100% anti-collision, and with an elegant satin nickel coating, it can increase the containment of any house. The anti-fingerprint touch screen also has a blue LED down light, which is convenient to use at night and stylish and beautiful.

It is being aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, the key less design of Schlage Touch Camelot Deadbolt makes key and lock bumping a thing of the past. Easy to install with door, and a battery life of up to two years, you can install it and prepare to protect your home and family with months of worry-free use.

Schlage is known for producing high-quality security door locks, and Touch Camelot is proud of the brand. The sleek combination door lock looks great and has key less entry for a completely crash-resistant design. With anti-drilling plates and other great starting tips, it’s easy to see why this Schlage is one of the most popular crash locks.

  • Full Bump Proof Design
  • Long Battery Life
  • Easy to Program
  • Very Popular
  • Great Finishing
  • The Touch pad is not as responsive as our mobiles.

2. Kwikset 985 Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Basic Features: 

Dimensions: 3 x 4.6 x 9 inches, Weight: 3 pounds, Venetian Bronze Finishing, Lifetime Mechanical, and Finishing Warranty, Adjustable Latch to Fit All Standard Door Preparations, Steel Double – Cylinder Deadbolt, Smart Key re-keying Technology, Adjustable Latch. 


The beauty of this lock is its Smart Key technology, which allows you to re-lock the key for yourself in just a few seconds. Worried that someone has the keys to your home? No need to worry about unauthorized keys held by dissatisfied contractors, babysitters, neighbors, or anyone else!

This popular lock also has an anti-collision function and can prevent prying, drilling, kicking, sawing, etc. In other words, it’s bulletproof. It also has a charming satin nickel look that looks great.

At the same time, due to the low price, there are countless reasons why Kwikset 985 is always recommended in today’s crash lock reviews and is widely considered one of the best crash locks in the industry.  

The Kwikset 985 dual lock deadlock with Smart Key is innovative, and the dollar-to-dollar is one of the best highest security locks on the market. Thanks to its advanced Smart Key technology, you can easily re-lock the lock yourself anytime, anywhere, without having to worry about unauthorized copying again. 

  • Nearly Impenetrable Double-Cylinder Design
  • Smart Key Feature is Super Neat
  • Looks Great
  • Great Price
  • You may feel difficult to use the Re-keying tool the first time.

3. Digital Door Lock M210 Mechanical Key less Deadbolt

Basic Features:

Dimensions: 4.8 x 1.4 Inches, Weight: 5 Pounds, Antique Brass Finishing, Adjustable Mechanical Deadbolt, Key less Push-button Combination Lock, Easy Programmable Code, Battery Fee Design, Available in Double Combination, Lifetime Mechanical Warranty


Lockey USA digital door lock M210 has no mechanical key less Deadbolt, making it anti-collision function. Its digital design is right, key less. Just use the numeric keypad to enter your personalized password of choice, and turn the knob.

If you specially concern about the integrity of the lock, don’t worry. The locks have digital inputs, but the locks themselves are ancient thick steel tongues for complete security.

This is the most best options currently available, according to many reviews of crash locks, and we agree. Whether you are searching for the best door lock for your home or business, you can use this Lockey USA digital door lock to protect yourself securely and reliably.

The Lockey USA Digital Door Lock M210 mechanical key less latch is simple to operate, but it is almost not possible for an intruder to break in.

Not only does it have an anti-collision digital button design, but it also has a high-security steel mechanical door latch that provides excellent security where you need it most. Despite its reasonable price, it is one of the best bumper locks in the industry.

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Use Key less Design
  • Excellent Finishing
  • Strong and Sturdy high security deadbolt, No Need to replace Batteries
  • You may feel difficult to read numbers at night time.

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3. Medeco 11TR50319 Maxum Residential Single Cylinder Deadbolt

Basic Features:

Dimension: 7.4 x 4.5 x 2.9 inches, Weight: 3.05 pounds, Satin Nickel Finishing, Heavy Duty Steel Construction, Patented Triple Cylinder Technology, Bump and Pick Proof Design, Two Five-pin Security Keys


Many locksmiths and traditionalists consider this to be one of the best home locks from a lot of high security door lock sets, and you can buy with hard-earned money. This lock is graded ANSI 1 and offers you some serious protection.

Why is there such a high rating? Well, for beginners, it’s as thick as possible and weighs a ton. It also has a triple lock cylinder to prevent skid locks and bumpers from dying in the tracks. Also, it comes with two five-pin security keys that cannot copy without your authorization.

Unable to select. Unable to drill. It cannot penetrated. Combine it with a high-security steel door lock and door, and you’ll get a suitable proof of theft.

A name like Maxum must be excellent. If you are looking for the best rugged, old-fashioned safety, then the Medeco 11TR50319 Maxum Residential Single Cylinder Deadbolt is what you are after. The sturdy steel anti-collision bolt and anti-collision and anti-prying three-cylinder design keep all unnecessary guests away.

  • Solid and Well Made
  • Great Customer Service
  • Provides Premium Protection
  • Heavy and a bit difficult to install

4. Schlage BE365CAM619 Be365 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt

Basic Features:

Dimensions: 4.2 x 3.2 x 5.5. inches, Weight: 5.35 pounds, Satin Nickel Finishing, 3 Years limited Electronic Warranty, Premium Metal Construction, Backlit Keypad, Free Spinning Deadbolt turn, Backlit Keypad, Low Battery Indicator


Like other Schlage crash locks, it is trendy for several reasons. First, it looks great and has a beautiful satin nickel coating. It also provides homeowners with the best of both worlds: keyboard and keyhole options. The rotation lock feature is another good option.

If it’s not enough, it also equipped with a commercial-grade clutch motor and anti-theft free-spinning tongue. Not to mention, it’s easy to install and even more comfortable to program. When it comes to programming, you can add and remove up to 19 access codes for family and trusted friends. All in all, it’s hard to beat.

  • Heavy Duty
  • Excellent Look
  • Long Battery Life
  • Key less Operation
  • Programming Instruction need to improve

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Image Product Details   Price
backpac Keyless Entry Door Lock Color: Oil-Rubbed Bronze
feature: 20 sets of fingerprints enough for a whole family, Emergency charging backup
View on Amazon
backpac Schlage BE489WB Color: Matte Black
Feature: Easy to install with just a screwdriver, Fingerprint-resistant, capacitive touchscreen with easy one-touch locking
View on Amazon
cordlessblower ULTRALOQ UL3  Color: Satin Nickel
Note: Advanced Fingerprint ID, All-in-One Smart Lock: World’s most versatile smart door lever with 5-in-1 keyless entry including fingerprint, code
View on Amazon

How to Consider a Price of High Security Deadbolt Locks? 

  • In the security field, you can get what you want to pay.
  • Higher costs lead to more secure locks.
  • For some brands, you pay more for the name than manufacturing factors that increase costs.
  • The price of some locks is only related to one aspect of high security and will use lock cores from lower-quality companies to offset some material costs.
  • Check the specifications of the lock to see what you need to pay.
  • The two most significant factors for price increases are the metal content (which metal and how much metal use) and the complexity of the lock cylinder.
  • When a security brand’s product is expensive, and no one is more expensive or less secure than another similarly priced product, it fully shows that it is not worthy of publicity.
  • If you not plan to install the lock yourself, you must consider the cost of replacing the lock.

How do you determine the Best High Security Locks for Doors? 

  • Key control: Using a key control lock means that you can control who has permission to copy the key. If the locksmith create a copy of the key, it needs to record.
  • Two-cylinder: The two-cylinder fixing bolt requires a key to open the door from the outside and inside. This way, the thief won’t break the window and reach out to open the door.
  • Beveled Casings: When the lock has a Beveled Casings, it can cause destructive tools such as hammers to slip out of the lock.
  • Anti-drilling: If you want a high-security deadbolt lock, you need a lock that cannot be drilled by others.
  • Longer “throw“: You want the “throw” or rod on the bolt to be at least 1 inch long. If shorter than this, you can use a boom to open the door.
  • Bump Proof: Anti-collision-Lock bump is the process by which you can use a “bump key,” insert it into the lock and then tap it a few times to disable the lock. This was originally a technique used by locksmiths, but the apprentices became popular. There are many options to ensure that your lock is crash-proof. 
  • ANSI Rating: The last and most important thing to look for when finding the best high-security bolt is the ANSI rating. ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute. Basically, without ANSI, any company can claim to have a heavy door lock. Fortunately, ANSI has strict codes for meeting the requirements for strong or heavy locks. They created a scoring system based on rigorous tests. 


I think you have a complete understanding of these five best door locks, so you have selected the best door locks for your doors to ensure safety and increase the level of security.

It is important to mention that the security of the lock is only the same as the security of the door. In most cases, the door’s hinge will break, and although the fixing bolts may remain in place, the door will only pull apart from the hinge. So if you choose to use the best deadbolt locks for home, make sure you use a reinforced frame and hinges to avoid bending during an attack.

After reading this article about High Security Deadbolt Locks, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through comments, and I will do my best to solve your problem.

Door locks Frequently Asked Questions: 

i. What is the American National Standards Association’s scoring system?

The ANSI rating system measures the security provided by the lock. Each lock graded under this system rigorously tested.

The results divided into three levels:

Level 1: Level 1 locks can withstand ten impacts weighing up to 75 pounds and can perform up to one million opening and closing cycles.

Level 2: A Level 2 lock can withstand five pounds of 75 pounds, and can perform up to 800,000 opening and closing cycles.

Level 3: OK. Level 3 locks can withstand two impacts weighing up to 75 pounds and can open and closed up to 800,000 times.

ii. Should I use Chain Locks or not? 

The strength of the chain lock is not high, so the door cannot be kept secure for a long time. But they do make it harder for intruders to a break-in, and they are louder. Like, loud. If you are at home, you will surely hear intruders forcibly knocking the door against an iron chain. This will give you time to call the police and defend yourself.

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