How to change battery in a keyless door lock (5 Simple steps)

Today we will guide you about how to change battery in a keyless door lock without a technician. Over time, humans started developing things and making them, their belongings. This increased the sense of responsibility and security, both. The ideas and gadgets started developing like locks.

Starting from the orthodox heavyweight metallic locks to today’s lightest but toughest ones; we have flourished and entered in 21 century. The concept is the same, but the devices to execute are changing and improving with time. And today we had stepped into the era of technology where technology and advancement have deepened its roots into every concept. The same technology has given us devices like smart locks. Smart locks are the digital and technological locks that are keyless and work on security verification features like codes, fingerprints, voice detectors and even the iris detecting mechanism. These locks can be used anywhere to secure your personal belongings, house, documents or anything that you find precious for you.

This writing will completely guide you through all the odds and evens of how to change Keyless door lock and will majorly focus on the method, how to change the battery in a keyless door lock.

Before digging into the methods on how to change battery in a keyless door lock, let’s get acquainted with the keyless locking mechanism first.

What is the mechanism behind Keyless Door Lock?

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Any device working on its own must have some source of electrical input in it. This electric supply is sometimes taken from the mains or batteries. The same goes for the locks. These keyless locks are on two levels. These are:

  1. Personal level small smart locks.
  2. High-level large scale smart locks.

The personal smart locks are the one used for individual security needs. These locks are used for houses, shops, garages etc. They usually operate with a small current. For this, they use the batteries. Different devices use different cells for taking their current input.

The High-level large scale smart locks are more robust in its functioning. They have a pretty high level of security. These locks take electricity from mains, because of its high current demand.

The working of these locks is quite simple if we see them from a technical point of view. The lock can be divided into the following parts:

Step by step method : how to change battery in a keyless door lock

Bolt or Latch:

how to change battery in a keyless door lock
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The bolt is the main part of a lock that sticks your door to the frame. When the door is locked, the bolt is inside the hole in a door frame, making it immovable.

Digital Keypad:

keyless door lock
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As the lock is digital, it requires some passcodes to be inserted for unlocking. These locks are entered with the smart keypad that is usually 12-button pad like the cell phone. Or it may have a lengthier keyboard with even the symbols or the alphabet. It depends upon the model being used.


how to change battery in door lock
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The batteries are the power supply to the whole system. These batteries usually fit inside the lock as it can last for a larger span. On average, it can last up to five years in a single replacement. Batteries also vary from device to device. Some need the Alkaline, non-rechargeable AAA battery. Some need AAs etc.

After knowing about different parts, you may be wondering about how these things work in coordination to lock the door. Don’t worry. This guide is going to clear all your queries about the smart keyless locks and how to change the battery in these keyless door locks.

The lock has a saved code. When the door is locked. You have to insert the valid code into it. It has a minimum of four digits or maybe six (vary with the models). After the correct code, the system lets the current to pass through, to complete the circuit and then it unlocks the bolt. Apart from this manual (not manual in fact, but relatively manual in comparison to remote features) method, some locks also have the fantastic feature of remote locking and unlocking systems. The locks are connected to your cell phone via an app, just like the recently spread wave of mobile-controlled security cameras. You can lock or unlock the lock, sitting anywhere remote.

What if you enter the wrong lock code?

how to change battery in a keyless door lock
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If you enter the wrong lock, the lock will ask you to re-enter the code for some limited tries. Still, if you are unable to enter the correct code successfully. For security concerns, the lock doesn’t accept any codes (even correct ones) for the next fifteen minutes. If a more advanced system you have; you will get the security alert notification on your cell phone, for every failed attempt.

As said above, the locks work on small batteries. These batteries need to be replaced after some time. Here is the complete step by step guide answering: how to change batteries in the keyless door lock?

Step 1:

The batteries fit into the case of the lock. For this, you have to remove the screws and open up the case of the lock. You will need a screwdriver. Hold the cover from the sides and pull it up to remove the case.

Step 2:

You will see a battery cover. Find the screws gripping that battery. You have to remove the screws and then pull out the battery cover from the lock.

Step 3:

Pull out the batteries from cover and find out the batteries installed in it. You can check for the batteries used by referring to the manual. If you don’t have the manual. Make it, sure you bring the same batteries from the market. After getting the contemporary cells, remove the old batteries and install the new ones. The batteries must be placed exactly to the terminals.

Step 4:

Put the batteries back into the cover and then fit the battery cover back into the lock system again at the same place, from where you removed it.

Step 5:

Put the lock cover again.

Although the average life span is enough for a single replacement of batteries. But, how to know when the cells are low or going to die. For this, you need to check for the following things in your lock. Several indicators give you an idea of the weak batteries in your locks. These indicators can be different depending upon the model that you have:

LED Indicators

how to change battery
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Some locks have small LED indicators that indicate about the low battery. The LED lights usually start blinking or changes its color. You can have the exact idea of LED indication by referring to the manual.

Soundness Indicators/Alarms/Buzzers

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Another mechanism is the Sound Indicators. When such locks are running low on battery, they start indicating it by producing some alarms of beeps. These beeps give you a time to bring the new batteries in time and change them.

Mobile Notifications

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Some locks are more advanced and have wireless connectivity to your cell phones. These locks can give you a notification on your phone about the battery issues.

Apart from these individual indicators, there also comes the combination of any two or three of these indicators.

I hope this guide will help you about how to change battery in a keyless door lock. Even if your lock doesn’t work after the battery change, check whether the batteries are recommended one? Also, check if the cells are dead or not and still if the problem is not solved. Ask for help from an expert or call the helpline number of your lock system manufacturer. 

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