How To Change Code On Electronic Door Lock – 7 step guide


If you are in trouble finding a solution about how to change code on electronic door lock. Then don’t worry we have 7 step guide to help you out. This step by step guide helps you to change code on an electric door lock. Please read till the end so that you can not miss any steps.

Things are getting smarter and intelligent every day. With the onset of every dawn in the morning, a bunch of new things are appearing and replacing the older versions of them. This exponential growth in the rate of replacement has entered us into the era of significant technological advancement and industrialization. The perks of technology are unlimited, like in the case of security systems, this wave of change has influenced everything, even a small lock.

The traditional big and heavy locks that used to have heavy keys are now replaced with small devices and then further upgraded with the digital electronic locks. This writing will guide you through the concept of Electronic Door Lock and will answer all of your questions with majorly focusing on: how to change code on an electronic door lock?

What are Electronic Door Locks?


The concept of locks has evolved a lot with the evolution of humans. You may remember the big keys you used to see in your childhood and then came these smart locks, but still with the keys. And now, it’s the time of Electronic locks.

The electronic lock is a modern invention of technology that uses no key and use electricity as a source to do its locking and unlocking function. These locks have other alternatives to keys. Like they have the passcode system, in which a code is set to unlock the door. Or the fingerprints, voice recognition and now the technology have advanced so much that they are making the iris-recognition locks.

electronic door lock benefits

Electronic door locks have a lot of benefits. With the introduction of such gadgets, people are now becoming more comfortable and secure. The benefits are: –

1. You don’t need to be depressed this time if you lost the keys. If you had installed the electronic lock, you are, for the lifetime, free from those bunches of keys in your pockets. With these smart locks, you won’t lock yourself out in case you left your keys on your working table in an office. Usually, when the keys lost, the only option was to break the lock. That was itself a damaging thing as it also damaged the door and its frame. These new electronic locks are saving significant sums of those losses.

2. If your parents were both working in your childhood, you might remember your mom keeping keys somewhere around the door, for your father or sometimes maybe you. This increases the chances of insecurity. With these electronic locks anyone of the family member, if he/she knows the lock code, can enter the house without any hesitation.

3. The traditional locks can be easily tricked. Anyone can take your key and duplicate it. Thus all the time; a threat to your security and belongings. But, with the new electronic locks, no one can do so. As it has lock codes that only you know.

4. Putting keys to unlock the door, every time you come home, and then keeping those keys safe from being lost or stolen. Otherwise, you will be locked outside of your own home. But the Electronic locks had made everything a breeze for you. It has brought convenience to your life by just putting the code and that’s it.

5. These smart locks give you extra security. These are certain locks that come with this feature of providing notifications of every incorrect entry. So, making a mobile security hub for you.

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The whole method is a shift from manual locking to the digital locking mechanism. For this, a lock mechanism, comprising of a digital keypad of numbers (sometimes alphabets and symbols also, depending upon the model) is used.

The system has batteries installed in it. These batteries are installed inside the case that lasts for enough long time. These batteries are used to provide the small supply of current to lock and unlock the bolt/latch in the door frame. The conduction of current (to open the bolt) is only possible when the correct code is entered. Thus, a wrong code: no conduction: no unlocking.

For added security, the option of changing the security code is also in the locks. This is a guide to tell you how to change code on an electronic door lock.

Step by step guide : how to change code on electronic door lock


First, you have to remove the lock from the door. Removing the lock means: you have to unscrew the whole lock apparatus from the door. The removing method is described in detail, in the manuals. You can refer to that, for more help in this.


The lock has two faces. One that has a keypad and the other that was attached to the door. You have to turn over the lock so that the back face is towards you (or the keypad face is downward). You will find some screws at the back of the lock apparatus. Use a screwdriver to unscrew those. There will be two: one at top and one at the bottom, or maybe one. Move the screwdriver anti-clockwise and remove the screws.


After unscrewing, you have to remove the backplate of your lock. The backplate comes out when you remove the screws. After removing the plate you will see different holes that are colored differently. They would be either in blue or in red color. Keep in mind that the red holes are coinciding with the conduction-code combination.


Now you have to take out your tweezers and put them inside each red hole. There will be some metal chips inside those holes. You have to remove those metal chips and place them aside, on a table.


You have the new lock code in your mind. You have to remove the blue chips from the holes (that are numbered) and remove them so that, they conform to the new code you are willing to put. You have to replace the blue-chip with red, one by one. The small chips have a short cut of square shape. You have to take care that this square cut is facing towards the outer part of the door lock.


Now, when you are done putting the red chips on your desired code combination. Fill the remaining holes with the blue chips. Also, cross-check if the red chips are precisely according to your code.


Put the cover back on lock and screw it again with the screwdriver.

Final step

The last step is to check your set-up lock code before putting it on the door. For this, you have to press the clear button on the lock front and then put the newly made code into it. It will un-lock it in an instant; after putting the new lock (If the code is correct).

What to do if the lock doesn’t unlock after entering the new lock?

It’s good that you have found this issue in time. You have to unscrew the backplate and confirm if the red chips are precisely placed over your desired combination or not. If not, arrange them accordingly. I hope this guide about how to change code on electronic door lock helps you to resolve this issue.

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