How to lock a Bedroom Door from the outside without a Key

No matter how weird and strange it sounds, some people want to know How to Lock a Bedroom Door from the outside without a Key. I am an active searcher on the internet, and I like to search for home security. I notice that many people are desperately searching for answers.

I know why anyone would do this, and the logic behind doing so would vary from person to person. Therefore, I decided to clarify the question How to lock a Bedroom Door from the outside without a key for my beloved readers with this short article.

The solution will vary and based on your identity and place of residence. If you own a house, you can find some great solutions. However, if you don’t, the solution is limited. If you live in a shared or dormitory room, there will be a completely different solution.

Since the scenes vary widely; some people are even looking for answers on how to lock a bedroom door from the inside without a key, and I will give you multiple options so take a look at possible solutions:

Use of Deadbolts:

Due to its safety quality, deadbolts often found on outdoor locks. These locks slide a thick bar into the wall and prevent the door from closing. Compared to most other types of locks, the tongue is more reliable.

To obtain a bolt-on lock, you will have to pass through the door itself, the wall, or the railing used by the bolt. All of these choices are difficult. It’s weird to see the fixing bolts on the inner door. This is not completely unheard of.

Many fixing bolts require the key to dial from one side and the thumb to the other. If the window of the door is like an outer door, it is easy to break the glass, reach out, and open the lock. This is less common on bedroom doors, as most have no windows. Even so, if you are concerned that this is a security issue.

The thumb turning tongue is called a single cylinder. Double cylinder locks have keys option on both sides of the door. This reduces security issues, but it can be inconvenient if you don’t want to carry the key with you or need to rush to lock it or if your key is not available.

Hook Locks:

How to Lock a Bedroom Door from the outside without a Key
Hook Locks

If you have an old door and you want to know how to lock an old door without a key, then you can use Hook Locks. Not all rooms have the same type of door. Often you will find a bedroom with standard hinged doors, but there are some changes. One of these variations is a pocket door. These doors can slide like most doors instead of opening them flat. This can make locking these doors an exciting challenge. If your bedroom has one of these pocket doors, the best way to lock them might be a hook lock. These locks are metal hooks coming out of the door, and they hooked to the poles of the frame.

Jimmy Proof Deadbolts:

This lock is a surface-mount lock that functions similarly to the deadbolt, and it works outside the door. It is installed like a chain but has the strength of a fixing bolt that connects the door to the wall through the bolt. Many people like these types of locks because they don’t require special doors or need to be modified. These types of locks can work Inside doors, but to find them from the market is not an easy task.

How to Lock a Bedroom Door from the outside without a Key

  • The door handle lock design to slide along its knockout plate and pop out of its door frame lock, but if your door handle lock is firmly against the door frame, the continuous friction of the pull-down door when this lock is activated will start to cause damage to the lock And door frames. Vibrations caused by the need to close the door due to the lock may also damage items on the wall. Closing the door without activating the door handle lock can eliminate all of these problems.
  • Insert the bolt key into the bolt lock and rotate the key to the left to activate the lock. Depending on how the latch install on the door, you may need to pull the door tighter to align the latch with the latch plate.
  • Turn the door handle and try to open the door. If the door handle turns, but the door cannot open, the latch will engage.
  • Put the key of the door handle lock into the door handle and turn it in the direction of starting the lock. In most cases, this requires you to rotate the key to the left. However, if you rotate the key to the left and the door handle still rotates to open the door, rotate the key to the right.
  • Try turning the door handle to make sure the lock is activated.

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