How to lock a door without a lock

How to lock a door without a lock

Today, I will tell you the best way to lock a door without a lock. How to lock a door without a lock is an interesting queston. In the event that you have to want to lock any entryway without a lock, you can generally turn to expel the handle set and door handle … On the off chance that the axle and the external door handle knob and door handle are removed, your door will effectively be locked. This technique keeps the lock in many doors from being withdrawn, which keeps the doors safely and securely shut.

How to lock a door with kitchen tools

if you need to lock any door which door was no lock. After slight research, I found a gadget in which you can utilize the door hooks opening. Not having the option to then it can be done by utilizing kitchen equipment and tools.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

You just need two things for this and one thing. I would not like to utilize one of my own forks so utilizing a plastic one as shown. The elastic rubber band is wrapped round the handle to safe it. This can be assembled utilizing a multi tools.

Step 2: Bend the Forks

Since each door is diverse from others then you should evaluate the prongs for your very own door. You need to leave enough of the fork standing out to enable yourself to stick in the handle when it comes particularly time to bolt. In the event that the prongs are too long I bent them in reverse so the sit the opening hole.


Step 3: Break Off the Handle

Presently comes the end part. seal off and Close the handle so you can make a new kitchen tool for lock.


Step 4: Insert Into Lock and Secure

When it’s manufactured by you. Insert the fork lock as a handle into fork. At that point close the entryway and supplement the handle into the fork. If necessary use the elastic rubber band to prevent the handle from dropping out and falling.


Congrats you have protected and secure a door with a fork. No compelling reason to stress over being appropriated on the bathroom when there is not a single secure sight.

For what reason does realizing how to lock a door without a lock prove to be useful?

The primary role of any door lock is to keep things secure. Installing a door lock on a door is probably the ideal approach to secure your door.  Yet there are other elective arrangements.

Figuring out how to bolt a door without a lock proves to be useful because it gives you an increasingly versatile range of abilities. You can thoroughly remember this for the area of your resume that asks you how to bolt a door without a door lock. All joking aside, realizing how to bolt a door without a lock can genuinely assist you with lifting your security and get you out of difficult situations.

What sort of stressful situations am I alluding to? Suppose you harm your room door lock late around evening time, and you would prefer to abstain from calling a 24-hour crisis locksmith, although you should call them. Rather than laying down with your door partially open, wouldn’t you want to have elective locking techniques? Realizing how to lock a door without a lock is an incredible answer for your messed up lock.

On the off chance that it model doesn’t convince you, we should know that which positions most elevated for the worldwide homicide rate, wouldn’t you need to have the advantage of sustaining your doors with a portion of the cooling strategies we are going to talk about? Figuring out how to bolt a door without a lock will assist you with managing harmed locks or doors that don’t have locks installed on them. Let’s check out the amazing ways for door locking.

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1. Include a Portable Lock

Portable door lock

A few out of every odd door is outfitted with a compelling locking system. The least demanding arrangement is frequently the most basic and direct one. That is the reason the primary response to the inquiry ‘how to bolt door without a lock’, is essential to include a compact lock. This arrangement works incredible for doors that have handle sets joined to them.

A few doors are furnished with handle sets that don’t have any locking capacities. These sorts of doors are regularly found in some business structures and in private properties. They are generally utilized as associating doors between basic regions or as room doors in inns or homes. They are inside doors.

In any case, if the requirement for a lock emerges, one can generally be included. Presently, I don’t need you to think you’ve been hoodwinked because I’m looking at adding a lock. Including a lock doesn’t really mean you need to contact a locksmith for a lock establishment or even introduce it yourself. I comprehend that the individuals who need answers to the topic of how to lockthe door without a lock want a convenient and practical arrangement.

Instead of utilizing customary door locks, versatile locks can be used to bolt the door without a lock. Convenient locks are incredibly famous among vacationers and voyagers who need to boost their movement security. Even though, I figure their utilization can be stretched out to some business and private spaces also. These extra bolts are anything but difficult to introduce and they can successfully bolt door without a lock-in only minutes.

There is a wide assortment of available door bolts that individuals can browse, so it’s in every case best to pick the one that best meets your requirements. These locks are generally fitted on the door that opens towards the region you need to keep bolted and secure. This sort of convenient lock is usually implied for use on inward doors and isn’t especially appropriate for guarding outside passage doors. To the extent inside method goes, compact door locks keep doors from being opened all things considered, even by individuals who may have a key. Some regular instances of convenient door locks are the explorer’s security lock and the Addalock door system.


Addalock `is by a long shot, the most famous convenient door lock. It’s a one-piece lock that is excessively simple to set up. It works by securing the handle so the door can’t be opened regardless of whether somebody utilized a key. In any case, since the essential goal is to make the handle fearless, it will work even indoors without a lock.

The set-up takes only a couple of moments and doesn’t require any devices. An explicit video instructional exercise is accessible on the item page.

The basic set-up and it’s pocket-size plan makes it so helpful for movement and those spots where you don’t have the consent (or want) to roll out any changeless improvements to the door. Also that it’s incredibly reasonable, costing just shy of $20 right now of composing.

While the Addalock is an incredible small bolting gadget to have as you travel, I wouldn’t consider the door 100% secure, with it being the main securing instrument. Be that as it may, for crisis circumstances when your managing door without a lock, or don’t have a key, or need some additional assurance, Addalock is unquestionably a beneficial gadget.

Explorers Security Lock

This is a further developed and more dominant gadget than Addalock. What I mean by “increasingly amazing” is that it can withstand more grounded power if somebody endeavored to kick the door in. Be that as it may, and it’s likewise pocket size, settling on it an extraordinary decision for movement security.

  1. It’s quick and straightforward to set up on any internal opening door. The primary necessity is a hole of 1/8-1/4 of an inch between the door and the door jamb. Here’s a video set-up instructional exercise from YouTube.
  2. Much the same as the Addalock, it can likewise be evacuated in almost no time if there should arise an occurrence of a crisis. It’s slightly more costly than Addalock, at around $50 right now of composing.
  3. So it’s an issue of whether you’re willing to spend more to improve protection from the constrained passage. You can check the present cost and surveys on Amazon.

The Door Bull

This lock (connection to Amazon) is fundamentally the same as the door blockade that is introduced on the floor. But, it’s launched on the door and the door jamb.

While door blockade may enable somebody to open the door somewhat, the Door Bull is to a greater extent a lock. It keeps the door completely shut. The Bull will make the door an increasingly troublesome rival as it circulates the power all the more equitably between the door and the door jamb.

The Door Bull is a licensed structure and accordingly wholly extraordinary. It just requires a quick DIY establishment for every direction gave in the manual. This settles on it a decent decision in any event, for doors without a lock-in brief residencies.

Remember that this lock is intended for doors that open deep down, not apparently. What’s more, you should put it merely like a door blockade, on your side of the door.


  • Versatile door locks are lightweight and productive. This implies they can without much of a stretch be conveyed anyplace. This makes them a prime individual safety effort and device that can be exploited in crises.
  • Utilizing versatile locks to add a lock to the door should be possible in minutes. The vast majority of the items are outfitted towards being effectively introduced. Bother free establishment is or more for some clients.


  1. Adding a lock to the door can keep it from being opened by conventional methods. Notwithstanding, it offers next to no protection from beast power assaults. Most compact door locks are not ready to withstand power; similarly, a protected deadbolt can withstand force being applied to it.

2. Dismantle the Handle set

Getting a charge out of the enchantment up until this point? I trust you are because there is still significantly more to go. In the quest for figuring out how to bolt door without a lock, we land at the arrangement of dismantling the handle set or door handle. You ought to know about the way that not all doors with handle sets and handles have locks to go with them. As I brought up, a fewentries are not at first developing with the essential order to be locked; however, this can generally change. If that you have to bolt door without a lock, you can usually fall back on evacuating the handle set and door handle.

A lock doesn’t generally need to be available for something to be bolted and verified. The way toward locking is intended to limit. If you can confine access without a lock, at that point, you have effectively bolted the door without a lock. Most doorhandle sets and door handles utilize axles to associate the two parts of the door set. The handle turns the shaft, which at that point, withdraws the hook to open the door.

If the axle and the external door handle and door handle are evacuated, your door will viably be locked. This strategy keeps the lock in many doors from being withdrawn, which keeps the door safely shut. This procedure is relatively simple to do and should be possible with necessary instruments like a screwdriver.

This technique confines get to;however, it hinders departure too. It is essential to think about this for private and business spaces that may have explicit security designs set up. In a perfect world, you would prefer not to be caught behind the door, battling to open it amidst a crisis. The door can generally be opened from whatever side you are because you will approach the essential parts. Notwithstanding, you should set aside the effort to assemble them all back once more, a la Humpty Dumpty.

Focal points

  • This arrangement can give a locking arrangement on inswing doors and outswing doors.
  • The procedure is moderately simple and can be done on most inside the business and secret doors on the off chance that you approach a screwdriver.


  • Dismantling the door handle and door handle represents a security peril since it limits departure.
  • This locking arrangement doesn’t keep somebody from breaking down the door or getting to a specific zone utilizingintense physical assaults.

3. Tie the door handles for swinging double doors

On the off chance that you have swinging doors that don’t have a locking instrument, they still likely have two handles, correct? Tie them together with a bit of rope, a chain with a latch, or a security link like the one you’ve most likely used to verify your bicycle.

Which of these techniques you can utilize will rely upon the structure of the handles. You may likewise have the option to utilize a sliding bureau lock if the stems are of a comparable structure and generally near one another.

4. Utilize an Improvised Barricade or a Constructed Barricade

The way toward blockading door should be possible toentries that have locks and those that don’t. Since we are attempting to figure out how to lock the door without a lock, we will concentrate on the last mentioned. One of the essential things you must know about before you blockade entrance is how it opens. Generally, single doors open either inswing or outswing.

In a perfect world, you ought to be blockaded against the course that door opens, and if not, your endeavors will be pointless. This equivalent idea applies to slide glass doors and swinging doors also. The explanation is straightforward. Because you don’t needa barrier against the heading that the door opens, whoever needs to open the door can evacuate your barrier arrangement.

Not at all like a portion of different techniques, we have just talked about, can you blockade outside doors and inside doors too. Notwithstanding the essential order to keep door bolted and secure, blockades are likewise intended to withstand the utilization of abundance power. This implies the perfect barrier ought to have the option to oppose kicking, smashing, and other mighty assaults. Blockades can either be ad lobbed or pre-developed.

Ad lobbed blockades are made by stacking different things against the door. They are typically stacked toward the path that the door opens. In building an ad lobbedbarrier, you have to pick materials that are relative, in size and weight to the door that you cana wall.

Picking things that are a lot littler and lighter than the door they are intended to verify, your blockade will be effectively foiled. Probably the best things to use for barricades incorporate seats, work areas, bed outlines, or other overwhelming items that can be stacked against the door. Preferably, the base of your blockade ought to consistently be a thing that reaches out past the size of the doors gateway. A barrier ought to viably tie down your door, start to finish.

Pre-developed blockades require fewer materials than extemporized barricades. Security bars are a typical case of pre-developed door blockades. They are put along doorpassages; contrary to the heading, that door opens.Door blockades can likewise be fitted to the base of the door itself. An ideal case of these sorts of barriers is the Night lock private door lock blockade or the Brilliant Haven lock.

Points of interest

  • Not at all, like most elective door lock arrangements, have blockades centeredon limiting the effect of commanding assaults. If a barrier is viable, it can withstand extreme measures of power.
  • Ad lobbed door blockades are financially savvy and can be assembled by joining effectively open articles like work areas, seats, bed outlines, and so forth.
  • Built blockades are effectively introduced. Additionally, they don’t debilitate departure, which makes it simple to leave a room on account of a crisis.


  • Barriers can’t be utilized to verify the front finish of left-hand inswing doors.
  • Ad lobbed blockades are not ordinarily asreliable as developed blockades.
  • The quality of your ad lobbed blockade will rely upon the things you have around you, which leaves your wellbeing and security up to possibility.

5. Use Door Jammers and Door Wedges


Entryway jammers and door wedges are like built door blockades. The principle reason for these gadgets is to confine the portability of the door. Nonetheless, they are a lot littler than your healthy barrier and frequently center on guarding specific segments of the door. These apparatuses function as extraordinary answers for lock door without a lock, and they don’t occupy such a lot of room as the door blockades that were simply examined previously.

A more significant part of these apparatuses is intended to be put at the base of a door or along the door jamb. They limit the sort of energy that is important to open the door, and this keeps the door bolted and verified.

Entryway jammers can be utilized on doors in private and business spaces. The adaptability of door jammers and wedges is reliant on their size. Like door blockade, you should realize how a door opens with the goal that you properly position your door jammer. On the off chance that you place the door jammer on an inappropriate side of the door, it will be expelled, and your ‘lock’ will be incapable.

Wedges are fundamentally set on the base of the door, while jammers and plugs can be establisheda door handle or under the door itself. Limiting the versatility of the door handle is probably the ideal approach to keep it from being utilized to open doors. Additionally, the more significantpart of these jammers utilizes the door’s weight and the power being applied against it. This viably keeps the door safely held set up.

Ad lobbed door jammers, and wedges can be developed from ordinary family unit things like seats and shoes. Safely wedging a shoe at the base of the door can help keep it safely set up. On the other hand, propping calculating a way to rest under a door handle or door handle prevents it from being turned. Locking door without a lock doesn’t generally include conventional locks, yet these kinds of door jammers can be utilized on doors with customary bolts also.

Points of interest

  • Wedges, door jammers, and door plugs are incredible apparatuses for confining the versatility of doors and door handles.
  • Ad lobbed wedges and plugs can be built from ordinary family things.
  • This arrangement functions admirably on doors that don’t have any handle sets or handles.


  • Wedges are generally appropriate for doors that open inwards and depend on power being applied on the furthest edge of the door.
  • Ad lobbed wedges are not as reliable as developed wedges, and they won’t keep going long as answers for locking the door without a lock.

6. Grapple the Door Knob or Handle Set

Tying down the door handle or the handle set of the door is fundamentally equipped towards doors that open outside and away from the space you need to keep secure. With regards to doors like these, a large portion of the locking arrangements that were examined above is off guard.

This is because doors that open outwards, for the most part, give the individual opening the door the high ground. On the off chance that there was a blockade set in their manner, they would effectively have the option to beat it. Securing a door handle or handle set can be utilized on inswing doors that open towards the body of the individual attempting to open the door.

It ought to be noticed that mooring a door handle is, to some degree, an ad lobbed strategy. To achieve this, you will require a material that associates your door handle to a stay point. Ropes, additional lines, and belts have all been effectively utilized as interfacing materials. It ought to be noticed that the quality of the connector you use will decide the quality of your lock. To bolt door without a lock, you should tie one piece of the associating material to the handle of the door, and afterward tie another part around a strong stay point.

A perfect grapple point is a durable material that is safely secured to the cold earth. Grapple focuses are regularly durable shafts that balance the power that is being applied to open doors. If you are attempting to bolt different in-swinging doors, probably the best activity is to grapple the ways to one another. That way, everyentry will go about as a stay point to the next.

Focal points

  • Using a stay point is, for the most part, compelling on doors that open outwards toward the individual opening it.
  • Stay focuses can be made of reliable and effectively available materials that a great many people will approach.


  1. A grapple point arrangement won’t work without the nearness of something to safely attach the door handle.

7. Other accommodating safety efforts and gadgets

I’ve referenced the most advantageous locking techniques and devices. In any case, different techniques can be utilized to verify the door without a lock, for example, door wedges and alerts:

  • Square the door from within by stuffing a sock or a comparable bit of texture under the door. Indeed, even a shoe or a shoe can work if the hole is sufficiently massive.
  • Spot door wedge with an alert under the door to square it. Like a sock, yet progressively successful. What’s more, because that somebody endeavors to open the door, the wedge will go about as a blockade. Additionally, the door development will trigger the caution on the wedge, so you’ll know about the danger right away. On the other hand, you could utilize a door wedge

without an alert. In any case, the two prongs are truly low-spending arrangements.

  • Get a little, moderate battery caution like the Nobel remote door/window alert, which you can stick on any surface. Flip the on/off switch varying. Any vibration on the door will trigger it to create 120 decibels of clamor. Caution is not a lock, yet it’s a straightforward method to pursue off any future gatecrashers and a substantial expansion to any of the other locking/blocking techniques referenced previously.

8. Extra Security Considerations

Figuring out that how we canlock a door without a lock is without a doubt energizing, yet that ought not to divert you from the center reason for any lock. As the vast majority of you know, a lock is set up to keep a spot or area secure, and that is its essential command. Like this, there are not many security contemplations that you need to mull over when you are making sense of how to lockthe door without a lock. The more significantpart of these contemplations has been tended to in the areas above;however, I might want to emphasize them:

  • Continuously know how the door you need to bolt opens. Actualizing any of the above arrangements on an inappropriate side of the door will be insufficient.
  • Realize when to utilize ad lobbed arrangements and when not to use them. If you have the advantage of time, attempt your best to pick built locking strategies like security bars and private lock blockades.
  • Locking door without a lock will be insufficient if other simple passageways around the door are not verified. On the off chance that you secure the door, find a way to check windows, glass sheets, and whatever other frail focuses that can be abused.
  • When utilizing door wedges, jammers, and door stops, ensure that they can’t be gotten to from the base of the door and pushed off the beaten path. Set aside the effort to seal off any open spaces that can be undermined.

How to lock a sliding barn door from outside

Last Thoughts

That, people, is the finish of my enchantment stunt. I trust that telling you the best way to lock a door without a lock has demonstrated genuinely valuable. I realize that the more significant part of you won’t use this data right away. Be that as it may, despite everything I trust it will prove to be useful, and not similarly as security knowledge for doomsday peppers. Furnished with this information, you will have the option to verify doors that have broken locks. Doors that have no clasp scan be easily locked by applying the above methods.

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