How to lock a sliding barn door from outside

How to lock a sliding barn door from outside


Sliding barn doors are getting quite famous to install in your bedrooms, closets, kitchens, bathroom or anywhere you like too. These doors add a style content to your home or office with being super space saving and giving it a versatile and vintage look. The sliding mechanism of the doors to open or lock makes it efficient to be installed in places which have less space and where installing a swinging door may not be a good option. The doors are very easy to install anywhere be it hallways or small storage rooms etc. So sliding barn doors give your home or office decor a stylish and elegant look and that too with saving you space and less hassle of installation.

But the problem which may occur while using these sliding barn doors is that they get locked from inside but what if you want them to be locked down from the outside as in offices containing some private information or if you want to secure the storage space in your house while you are out or if you want to install a sliding door as the main door of your house. 

Here we have listed some of the ideas you can apply to lock your sliding barn door from outside 

Install a security bar:

To secure your sliding barn door an option to apply is to install a security bar on your door. You can vary the length of security bar according to the sliding door size just set it and lay it in track of your sliding door. These security bars prevent any outside entry without authorization in the room or house. An example of such door lock is Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar manufactured by master locks and is available on amazon with good rating and you can get this for a price of around $20. The lock is heavy duty and provides security against any forced entry. The bar needs no other tools for installation and is easy to use and carry.

The use of such bars is preferred mainly for use indoors but can be an option for outside too.

Install a combination or fingerprint detecting electronic lock:


Another great option to lock your sliding barn door is to install a fingerprint or combination operated electronic door lock. This would be very secured system to install in offices or to lock down a room which may contain your valuables etc. The lock can be expensive and must be installed where the need for security is high. These locks come with alarm system for alarming any kind of effort to break them open.

XINTONGLO Smart Electronic Sliding Door Lock, Intelligent Digital keyless Door Lock, Electronic Combination Lock by XINTONGLO is an amazing door lock for sliding doors available on amazon. These locks are waterproof and anti-corrosion high quality material is used to manufacture them. It is operated by chip card and provides high security for your homes or offices.

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backpac  WiFi Smart Lock DeadBolt Color: Venetian Bronze
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backpac ULTRALOQ Smart Lock Color: Black with Satin Nickel
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Install a Patio door lock:

You can install a sliding door patio lock on your sliding barn door to keep out thieves or burglars out of your house. This patio lock gives strong security for your house or to keep rooms or pool area out of reach of children and toddlers without supervision. One of the locks of the kind is TOLEDO Sliding Door Patio Lock TDP02S which is manufactured by Toledo & co. the lock is available on amazon for about 32 $ and is rated 4.5 on a 5 scale. The bolt of the lock is made up of hardened steel and have two hidden screws which makes it resistant to any kind of tampering or theft issues. The lock is resistant to bolt cutters or hacksaws and is completely concealed with extra screws. So for high security which doesn’t get a burden on your budget installing this kind of lock is a preferred choice.

Install a slider lock:

These are relatively cheaper and less secure choice of lock to install in your sliding door. These locks are best for use in case you need temporary installing in your sliding door. The lock can be installed without any tools and contains no moving parts and need no drilled holes to screw it in the door just needs to be put on the track of your sliding door with two thumb screws. Its rubber grip blocks the sliding track and doesn’t let the door slide much to let anyone enter through it. These kinds of locks are best to use for your living room or patio doors and are easy to install and remove. You can find these locks on amazon, one of which is named Lion Lock manufactured by the Lion locks company. These locks are fairly cheap and due to their heavy aluminum construction doesn’t do any scratching damage to your door tracks. So for an affordable easy to use lock option for your sliding barn door using a slider lock is the one to go for.

Install a double bolt sliding lock


You can also install a double bolt security lock to your sliding door or this can be accompanied with another less secured lock to increase the security for certain time or event or when you need you make sure that while you are busy doing work your children don’t get access to the places that may contain machinery or any sort of things they may get harmed from.

These kinds of locks are usually used as secondary locks but can also be used as primary choice if wished. There are many double bolt locks available online and the one you can find as most rated on amazon is the LockiT Double bolt lock. The lock is not much difficult to install and can be installed on the door at any height you wished too.

It is a good choice to go for in case you need to secure the door from children or toddlers to open.

Install a baby safety lock

Baby safety lock

In case of locking a door inside the house just for keeping the children or toddlers to get passed through it a plastic baby safety lock installation is a good idea. These locks are cheap and very easy to install options as you only need to stick the lock on the sliding panel of the door and block it from sliding and when the door needed to be slide on just press the pedal down to do so. One of the most recommended products of the kind is OKEFAN Baby safety sliding door lock which are available on amazon and can be easily purchased and installed. These kind of locks are only efficient for security against the children or toddlers and not suitable to be installed on main doors or doors guarding important places in offices or your home.

Install motion sensors and alarms:

We can also go for installation of a motion sensor and alarm lock which can be remotely controlled and you can easily watch out and handle security without being present on the place. These kind of locks are used or high level security in which it is assumed that the place must not be visited by any person other than authorized. In case of any movement the alarm will start buzzing and door can be locked and the person in charge will be informed immediately. These kinds of kits can be built as DIY projects and can be found online. Also many motion sensor alarms are available online and one of which is Motion sensor alarm by SECRUI. Along with any of the locks whose bolt can be slid down with the help of a relay this sensor can be installed and you can build high security system for your home or lab and that too with reasonable cost.

Sliding barn door may have added a great touch to the look of your house or office space but its security is also a prime concern. Be it to keep your children safe from getting out or to some unwanted presence from entering your office the need for the door to be safely secured is necessary. These doors may come with very minimal locking and are easily accessible from outside so in time of your absence you have to make sure that the door is safely locked from outside otherwise the benefits of being good looking and space saving will be outweighed by the risk of theft and any kind of intruding 

So these are some of the ideas and locks from brands which you can use in order to lock down your sliding barn door. Almost all of these ideas can be easily applied and the locks are available on the amazon. So don’t worry if you want to make your home look stylish and want to save space from installing the swinging doors but the security is an issue to the plan. Get any of these simple locks and make you home look super cool and that too while being completely secured.

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