How to Prevent Ring Doorbell from Being Stolen 2021(Best Method)

How to Prevent Ring Doorbell from Being Stolen 2021(Best Method)

Nowadays, it is a big issue with most of the people that they lost their costly doorbell. The reason is that doorbell is installed outside the house and it is not possible to keep it before eyes all the time. User buys costly and fancy doorbell to well furnish their houses but thieves snatch it for their own sake. When there is no chance to keep watching on it, only single matter remains and that is to protect it from being stolen by thieves. The best way to secure your costly doorbell from thieves is that is should be attached with frame or installed with wall with strong screws. Grid cover boxes are also available in market; the use of these boxes can reduce the chance of stolen more than 60%.

            When you use a fancy doorbell, it attract the thieves because in can be a reward for them for more money. It can be characteristically value of 100 bread or even quite a few hundred bucks, on your door. They take the risk even to be caught but try his best to get it. In this situation, you can protect your doorbell by following these steps. I try my best to guide you step-by-step to avoid the loss of your doorbell is stolen. How to Prevent Ring Doorbell from Being Stolen

  1. Secure Steps while Installing the Doorbell
  2. The Protective Hard Case
  3. Connect the doorbell with the Stucco
  4. Guard the cable connected with video doorbell
  5. Must secure your doorbell with Grid Box
  6. Keep back up the videos
  7. Try to purchase a insured doorbell
  8. Don’t Forget Notifications

1. Secure Steps While Installing the Doorbell

You should keep these points in mind when installing your doorbell outside of your house. Through theses safety precaution, you can protect your doorbell enough. Before installing the doorbell, you should decide where to put the upper hook of doorbell. It should be hooked that doorbell should be in approach of a person with normal height. If, you will choose an ideal height, you can protect your doorbell more. It will be not easy for thief to remove it within short time. If it will be the above of his/her mouth height.

2. The Protective Hard Case

Doorbell manufacturers offer a protecting hard case ornament that is a great protection against ripping out the doorbell. Your doorbell is must safe inside the hard case, screwed in the exact same way as without the hard case. This is not only the protection from theft but also a safeguard to doorbell device from damage, bad effects of weather conditions, and, most significantly, savior from unnecessary use from children. The looter would have to locate a way to snoop unlock the hard case and after that someway keep on to steal the doorbell device. It might be a solid safe guarantee against theft and unnecessary use.

3. Connect the doorbell with the Stucco

One of the best tricks to keep record of proof of the theft your costly doorbell is to connect it with the Stucco. Use the screw while attaching doorbell with Stucco. It can be quite a bit of tough time for thief to get it out of the door wall. Thieves try to get it within no time. So if he/she be aware that it would acquire more time or hard work to whip it, in this condition criminal can skip your home and look for a different easier goal. Within this time, you can receive a message from manufacture. At the situation, you can shout at the looter and can get a bit satisfaction for you.

4. Guard the Cable Connected with Video Doorbell

If you have a video doorbell at your door, it can be a better choice for any thief because he/she can get much money even with a single attempt. First off all, criminal will try to disconnect it from video connection with system. He/she will try to cut off the cable to avoid being watched by you or your security guard. By following these steps, you can avoid this type of mismatch.

Use the wireless video doorbell what can be charged. When thief will not see the wire, he/she will avoid to be caught even for little advantage.

Must hide your doorbell‘s power cable. Keep your wire inside the wall or along the wall but not outside the house. You should pass the wire from a whole keep in wall. Don’t try to scroll it from upper portion of your door. Cover the electricity wire and clips so that they will fit your residence decoration absolutely.

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5. Must secure Your Doorbell with Grid Box

Before installing your costly doorbell outside your front door, must buy a grid box. There are fancy a stylish grid boxes are available in market. You can fine one of them according to your choice. You can use metal grid box. It will not only protect your doorbell from thief but can be a stylish look for your guests. One thing keep in mind that grid box should be smaller than your installed doorbell.

Avoid using grid box made off glass. It can be easily broken which will be happy news for criminal who comes to stolen your doorbell. You can use a grid box made by iron bars, additionally; you can protect it by using a lock. You can also use the dual-sided tapes to attach the doorbell on the bars. It will not affect the operation of doorbell. Your guests can still use the doorbell by pressing the button. But, no one can get the doorbell out of the box without opening the lock by the key.

6. Keep back up the videos

Your video doorbell stores the video of the front portion of your house. You can use this video for recovering your lost doorbell. This can only be if you have kept the video safe. You should keep the backup of your video. For this, you can use SD storage card in your system. You can take a chance to get and download the video even by goggle drive if you have already connected it to store there. But, f you are using the smart video doorbell which has a facility of cloud storage. So, you are not to worry about the loosing of data. Your video data is secure for your need.

7. Try to Purchase an Insured Doorbell.

If you are worry about your costly doorbell.  You want to kill this tension then you should go for insured doorbell. In market, there are many insuring companies those offer the full recovery of your doorbell cost even against very low annual fee. If you get this offer, no need to worry about this lose. For this, you just have to protect your entrance through CCTV cameras. You have to show the video proof of stolen your doorbell.

8. Don’t Forget Notifications

The very important thing which you have to keep in mind is that if you are connected your mobile phone with it. You should keep your mobile phone Power ON all the time. Keep watching the notifications you get from company for which you installed the doorbell. Don’t ignore the notifications especially of video doorbell. Immediately visit your door if you received a message that someone is tempering your doorbell. If you do it, your presence will be weapon for thief and he/she will get escape from the position

            Be ensured that your doorbell is connected with motion sensor. Mostly doorbell come equipped with sensor. If it is without motion sensor, ask the seller to replace it with a device having motion sensor. Motion sensor system will immediately notify you if someone try to break, move or uninstall your doorbell.

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            Use of doorbell is common nowadays. It is a basic need when people try to be secure. For security point of view, you cannot put your door open all the time. At other side, you are inside your house, resting in your home. Only the doorbell is the device which notifies you about the arrival of your guest or any visitor. As the technology became in the approach of the society, most of the people are using video doorbell. This is a one step forward device for secure environment. You can watch the visitor even without opening the door.

            In populated area, people live in flats. When, you are living at second, third floor or top of the plaza. The need of doorbell increased even more than normal. It is universal truth that doorbell has become necessary part of our house. T5hen, we have to protect it like other items under our use. We cannot afford the loss of money and wastage of time. So, the best thing is to protect the doorbells from thieves.

            This article provides you authenticated information that how you can protect your doorbell from stolen. By following the necessary steps which are described above, you can secure your doorbell.

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