How to Secure a Door from Being Kicked in….4 Practical Tips

Preventing kicking into a door is very important. In this article, I will give you some tips so you can know how to secure a door from being kicked in

This thinking is not correct. I will explain why.

You can protect your door from kicks effectively and cost-effectively to protect your 24/7 home. I assure you that strengthening a door with a kick-proof is a worthwhile investment, and it will bring you peace of mind and real security.

I am exhausted to go home, only to find that my place is no longer a haven after being tired from work. It could be an ex-business partner seeking revenge, or a lazy intruder looking for something to sell. Either way, an intruder’s home invasion is not cool. Not by a long shot.

In this article, I will share with you the easiest way to prevent kicking into the door and prevent thieves from attacking your house. These are tested and tried strategies, each of which can radically improve your door security.

Why You Need to Secure a Door…? 

how to secure a door from being kicked in

One of the most essential parts of finding the best way to secure a door is knowing the risks you want to avoid. You should complete a home security risk assessment to understand the current level of protection and predict the types of threats your home may be most vulnerable to.

If you don’t spend the effort to determine the details of your security needs, then you also include many people who don’t care about security. Do not make changes until you know why. This security needs will prevent you from spending unnecessary energy and make you feel like you are doing something. When you are looking for the best method of fixing a door, here are the main things to consider.

1.Kick or Bump Attack

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One of the most popular types of forced entry is a kick or bump attack. These are brute force methods that anyone can use with a foot, arm, or shoulder impact. This force can damage the door’s exterior panel and tear the knockout panel off the door frame. Ram can also damage the hinge. If the door is weaker than hinges and knocks, kicks can even break the door itself. The best way to secure your door must include some way to stop such attacks because they are the most likely threat that any door will face. You have to use the doors that can’t be kicked in.


If you are Bypassing the security of your doors, its means there is a flaw, which allows you to open the door without having to apply full force. Think of avoiding as a way of thinking about safety. For example, move the tool into the gap at the bottom of the door. And then activate the lock from the inside. The most famous example of a bypass gate is the credit card method. Even if you find the best way to secure the door, you can use only the spring latch on the lock handle to weaken your security.


Criminals can choose several methods to attack the lock, but drilling is the most effective method and only requires tools that most people can use. If they have no experience using locks, they will drill the core, or maybe they will be more adept at attacking standard drill points. The most advanced criminals will know where to drill for your particular lock, but this level of expertise is very rare. The sound of these attacks is likely to be obscured and, therefore, less noticeable, but if the lock is too difficult to drill, the metal grinding sounds that are prevalent on the metal may attract some attention.


Most cutting attacks focus on the throwing of fixed bolts. This cutting is the length of metal your lock extends into the bezel. On cheap locks bought in hardware stores, you can make speedy cuts even with a hand saw. The success of this attack depends on the gap between the door, metal and the frame. Deflecting this type of attack requires very tight gaps and/or hardened metal particles.

4.Picking Up

Lock picking is a method not commonly used by criminals, but it is still essential to consider your lock’s resistance to picking it up. The best way to protect a door cannot be talked about without considering the fragility of the most widely discussed of secret entry. It assumes that all locks can be pried, but the locks there are to pry or have not been pried. It’s hard to tell when your door opened. If you don’t already know that your lock can hardly open, you may need a forensic locksmith.


Criminals are more common than percussion, and they will use , which requires less craftsmanship and experience to use effectively. The best way to secure a door and protect it from a crash lock involves an understanding of how a crash lock works. Essentially, standard cup-making switches cut to the maximum depth of each groove. This requires making embossed keys for your particular lock (unless your lock is highly secure and has a restricted key position, this may be done).

How to Secure a Door

By default, builders don’t focus on door reinforcement or security but instead focus on profits, which means compromising door security. With this in mind, you realize that one of the best ways to prevent kicking outside the house door is to strengthen the outer door.

If you have more difficulty accessing your home than your neighbor’s, it will be a thief moving on the road. Here are some effective ways that will guide you about how to secure your front door from thieves. 

You can’t talk about the best way to fix a door without talking about the door itself. You need a kick proof door for the security of your home. With crash panels and hinges fixed, the door’s wood is more likely to break than anything else. It may be possible to make a hole large enough to enter the building, or at least pass it through in an attempt to open the lock. For an entry point to be fixed, a solid door must use. One way to know if a door is sturdy is to feel the weight of the door. The lighter the door, the weaker the structure of the door.

The first thing any homeowner should do is replace the use the pedals and door hinges. The door kick in protection depends on the screw lengths. The door may use three-quarter-inch screws that only bite the trim around the frame. This weak connection made the kick and knocked attacks so successful. By simply replacing them with three-inch screws, or adding more three-inch screws, you will get these parts of the door handle into the studs of the door frame.

Although this may seem obvious, when 30-40% of home burglars enter through unlocked doors or windows, it needs to explain. You can’t protect your home without using the best door locks in the world.

People forget to lock the door. Hey, I see. I also forgot to lock the door. That is until I installed an electronic lock bolt on the door. The electronic latch has a huge function. That is, it can automatically re-lock itself after a specified time. So if you forget to lock the door due to any reason, the lock will still be remembered, and your home will remain secure.

The first thing you need to consider is how much it costs to upgrade a traditional lock. After all, smart locks are much more expensive than standard release locks that you can buy at your local hardware store. You can find some smart locks in the $ 100 price range, but if you want a lock that can be controlled anywhere, with voice commands, push and email notifications, etc. Features and tamper alerts expected to cost between $ 200 and $ 300.

Many smart locks provide a mobile app that lets you lock and unlock doors with a simple icon click. Some provide a web application that enables you to control things from your desktop or laptop. Most apps allow you to add users and set access schedules for specific times and dates.

If you have purchased a house or have lived for a long time, you should consider replacing the keys and locks. Back in the past, my mother would give her neighbor the keys to trust our house in case she lost her key.

OK, it may have been useful in the past, but now, when someone uses that key to enter your house, you not only need to worry about trusted neighbors. The most at risk are neighbors’ teenagers or their children’s friends.

So if you think there are any possible keys nearby, adding a key to your home is a cheap way to increase the security of your home, so this should be done for every new home you buy to ensure that old homeowner, neighbors, etc. It cannot enter with a key.

The first line of defense is to keep doors and windows locked. Set the wireless alarm for the second defense. Thieves hate noise, so even small alarms usually make them operate. Alerts are available at the Family Center. Because wireless devices activate through the opening of doors or windows (rather than broken glass), alerts cannot provide the same security as -installed monitored systems. Use door and window alarms in the “hidden” areas of your house, which are usually dark, and you typically don’t gather them. Attach the siren (with screws or double-sided tape) to the door or window next to the electromagnetic contact strip (not necessary to touch, but within 1/2 inch).

When the door or window is open, the electromagnetic contact is disconnected, and the sirens scream (these small devices emit a harsh alarm). The door alarm has a delay feature that gives you time to set the alarm and leave, and the door and deactivate the device when you get home without having to turn it off. The window unit has an on / off switch. The alarm will work on any door or window, and the battery can last for two to three years.

Reinforced door frames can significantly increase the security of your home and reduce the possibility of recidivism. The question is how to secure a door from being kicked in

There are several ready-made door frame reinforcement kits in your local store. These consist of metal strips (or shrouds) that you just need to mount on the door hinges. Kits also sometimes include locked pads and hinged shrouds. However, if you don’t like these, just buy a door hinge.

Glass doors are particularly vulnerable to force attacks. Typical glass plates are not resistant to kicks, and intruders will simply break them into the bolts. They can then enter the house by simply turning the lock (if not the double key tongue).

There are many ways to protect door glass. An obvious answer is to put in a steel safety grill. Many of us don’t like grills and bars because they give you the impression that your home’s beauty is out of place. The grill can secure a door from inside

Hinges are an essential part of a safe front door and are very different in terms of home security. This may be related to the placement of the door. Burglars usually prefer to break open doors, while hinge pins expose outside the house.

Therefore, make sure the hinge inside the front door. If not, secure the front door hinges with strong, non-removable pins. You can also use set screws and studs for added security. This prevents thieves from removing the hinge pin and lifting and removing the front door.

Security Screens

The best way to guarantee a door is not just to prevent the attack from succeeding. Protection can begin before criminals enter the door. Something like a security camera may prevent any attack. If you can’t stop a crime before it happens, a security camera with an alert notification protocol may let you respond to the incident. This security will mean that thieves don’t have time to work through many different ways you choose to protect the door.

Before answering, be sure to know who is at your doorstep. This view prevents you from talking to the person in question or getting the person in question into the house. Traditional peepholes can use for this purpose. If you want to better view people outdoors, the easy-to-use battery-powered security camera with 2-way audio is your best choice.

Be Smart With Social Media

Social media is an excellent tool for keeping in touch with friends and sharing travel experiences and photos but after the trip.

Remember that social media built to be public, which means it’s a bit like talking to a crowd with a megaphone. Unless you know travel plans for the entire social media community, don’t share travel plans. Since social media accounts are public by default, criminals can simply search for keywords like travel, trip, vacation, out of town, and find a description of the date and time when people left their homes.

To avoid this, just wait until you share your travel information! If you do need to let people know that you are going out early, take some time to make sure your posts are marked private by this social media platform. By limiting its audience and searchability, you can make sharing schedules more secure.


In this article, we have discussed how to secure a door from being kicked in, with this information, you can effortlessly find the best way to secure the door. Between all these methods, even the best criminals, your front door will be a fortress, surpassing its breakthrough ability. You must take steps to protect offenders from harm. Protect your property and all property and owner. This security begins with the best way to implement a protective door. Start improving your home safety now.


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