How to Secure French Doors that Open out (4 Best Tips)

How to Secure French Doors that Open out

If you have French doors and you want to know how to secure French Doors that open out, then you reached on the place. French doors are a beautiful decoration of the house. When used in place of sliding doors, they can transform ordinary exits into fascinating access to decks or gardens, giving the old world an irresistible taste. Unfortunately, this elegant home design feature is also challenging to secure. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve security around French doors significantly. In my article, I will show you how to secure French Doors that open out.  

Why it is hard to Secure French Doors

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It is difficult to ensure the safety of French doors for the following reasons:

  • When the French door opens outward, the hinges are exposed. It means that anyone can remove the pin and remove the door from the hinge.
  • Traditional French wooden doors have many small glass panels. The panes can only fix by short decorative strips called muntins. This design is very attractive, but it can be weak. In many newer metal doors, Martin is simply a decorative metal grille placed on a single large glass panel.
  • Due to the large glass area of ​​French doors, locks cannot place where naughty hands cannot reach. No matter where the lock is, the immobilizer can break or cut the glass and enter inside to unlock the door.
  • The position of the double French door in the middle of the two doors is fragile. Usually, only the moulded products overlap at the door encounter. This weakness makes them very easy to insert if the doors open into the room.

how to secure French Doors that open out

Glass anti-theft window film has come a long way. Now, most homeowners can easily install glass anti-theft film by themselves, and the anti-theft film can prevent the cracked glass from easily breaking, thereby greatly improving the security of French doors.

A security window film is a film attached to the glass. The film is a few millimeters thick, but it is transparent, so it does not detract from the aesthetics of the door.

When applied to glass, it holds the glass together so that it doesn’t break when touched. The glass does crack, but the film holds it together.

For the best installation of the security window film, remove the panel, install the film, and then install the panel back into the window. If this is not possible, use a thin layer of transparent silicone beads around the edge of the window.

Basic Information:

Gordon Glass is manufacturer, and Shipping Weight is only 5 pounds, Excellent UV Rejection 90 % VLT, Blocks 99 of UV Rays, 2 Play 8 Mil Window Film, Width is 30 inch, and the length is 6.5 Feet


Anti-theft window film design to slow down or prevent the entry of thieves. If the glass breaks, the film will hold the windows together to avoid or prevent thieves from quickly entering your home. The thief’s digital asset is time, and the movie takes it away. VLT with excellent UV resistance of 90%, almost transparent, can block 99% of UV. The film width is 30 inches, and length is 6.5 ft. 

All security membranes install on the inside surface of the window. The best installation method is to remove the glass from the window frame, install the film, and then reinstall the glass into the window frame. The frame will serve as the anchor point for the movie. If this is not possible, it highly recommended to wrap a layer of transparent (or white, preferably white, if necessary) silicone beads around the glass edge within about 24-48 hours after installation. If the glass breaks, it will hold the glass and film firmly in the frame. 

Note: Do not use window film on plastic or plexiglass surfaces, automotive windows, frosted, etched, lead, cracked, open-hole, deep-scratched glass, or very old (more than 40 years) glass.

  • • You can install it inside of the door.
  • • Transparent View
  • • Easy Installation
  • • Can be fitted on your current doors.
  • • Bad for car windows

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Image Product Details   Price
backpac Yale Assure Lock Color: Black Suede, Satin Nickel
Note: Don’t worry about getting locked out with dead batteries
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backpac august Smart Lock Pro Color: Dark Gray, Silver
Note: Includes Biometric Verification Opt in to use your smartphone’s.
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cordlessblower Schlage Color: Aged Bronze, Satin Nickel
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French Doors Lock for Security

When my visitors have a lot of valuables at home and in French doors, I often increase the security of French doors to the highest possible level. To this end I:

When it comes to high security French doors, French lock is my favorite brand. French locks have the features here and are perfect for double doors. There is a ball bearing in the bolt that can fix and lock the keyhole of another door. This feature makes it difficult to separate the two doors!

If you are investing in Mul-t-Lock for a French double door investment, you don’t want to use your thumb to open the door inside the house. Buy a double cylinder lock with keys on both sides. In this way, if the glass breaks, the tongue cannot be opened by turning the thumb.

Even if you don’t spend extra money on a French door security lock, you should upgrade it to a commercial-grade double cylinder latch for added security. 

Basic Information:

Color: Satin Chrome, Item Weight: 3.77 pounds, Finish: Satin


The user can change the foreign key to use as a double cylinder or single cylinder bolt. High-security bolt system for commercial and residential secure French doors. The best material of solid brass rings and cylinders is used in the lock and can give multiple security such as hardened steel bolts and anti-drilling Ring, steel lock, nickel silver, and stainless steel pin. 

Suitable for two back-moving devices and no need for different parts. Easy conversion between standard parts and drive parts. Standard 1 “stroke. Cylinder mechanism: multiple locking unique high-precision telescopic pinball system. Anti-prying and drilling to meet high-security requirements. UL437 listed as anti-theft, UL fire bolts, ANSI Class 1 ship 1-3 working days. 

  • • Higher Security Lock
  • • Best Durable Material
  • • Easy in use
  • • Not a smart lock

Really Securing that Passive French Door

Another major improvement in French door safety comes from the elimination of flush bolts. One of my favorite home locks is the one-sided or “half” tongue. The fixing bolt has a thumb turn inside the house, but there is no indication on the outside of the house (no keyhole). That is, it is not possible to know from the outside that the bolt is installed.

I installed them on the top and bottom of two double doors. When combined with a window security membrane and an inter-lockable Mul-t-lock tongue, your double doors are almost impenetrable. You can also pass through the passive door without unscrewing the screws. All you need to do is turn your thumb to unlock the latch.

However, to install them, you will need to drill two holes in the door to install the tongue and prepare the latch on the door frame. This work is beyond the skills of most DIY people. Therefore, I recommend that you call your local locksmith.

3.Schlage One-Sided Deadbolt, Satin Nickel

Basic Information:

Item Weight: 12.8 ounces only, Product Dimensions: 1.9 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches, Size: 2.5 Diameter, Color: Satin Nickel, Finishing: Nickel, Brushed Nickel, Pattern: Turn the only deadbolt.


For more than 90 years, Schlage has established a tradition of providing quality, innovation and safety to homes and businesses. With products that meet the highest industry standards, Schlage hardware can protect your home, giving you peace of mind that only time-tested products can provide this protection. Safety, quality, and convenience – it’s clear why Schlage is the most commonly used brand of residential door locks by consumers and builders. 

The No Exterior plate required for installation and this deadbolt is also not visible from of the door. This deadbolt is highly , and its ANSI grade level is 2. If you want to know how to Secure French Door from Burglars then deadbolt can provide you in case of an attack with the crowbar, hammer wrench, saw, lock pick and kick-in.

  • • Easy to Install
  • • Not Expensive
  • • ANSI Grade 2
  • • Lifetime Limited Mechanical and Finish Warranty
  • • Not a good option some time

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concealed lock for french doors

The purpose of a multi-point lock is to secure the door at multiple points around the frame. This feature prevents thieves from opening the door by force. Because even if one lock point fails, the other lock points keep the door in place.

This lock is hidden and cannot see from inside or outside. If someone tries to break through by manipulating the lock or punching hard, then they will wake up rudely because the door will stay in place.

I don’t think this is the preferred method for completely fixing French doors. As I mentioned when discussing door barriers, if the house is vacant and no one is in the middle, you still need to take other steps, such as installing a siren or camera to secure the door fully.

But this is the right choice; it can derail amateur burglars and can use as a substitute for access control.

4. Sumnacon 2 Pcs Door Flush Bolt – Secure Door lock for French Doors

Weight: 9.4 ounces only, Package Dimensions: 8.2 x 16 x 0.9 inches, Size: 8 inch, Finish: BrushedWeight: 9.4 ounces only, Package Dimensions: 8.2 x 16 x 0.9 inches, Size: 8 inch, Finish: Brushed


Flush bolts are ideal for using side edges on French, patio, wooden, double, or other composite doors, providing concealed locking for hidden and inactive doors. Flush Bolts provide French door extra security.

This Flush Bolt made of sturdy material, it’s strong enough to be used for everyday living. The mechanism has a reasonable interior design, so you don’t have to worry about falling when using it.

With a comfortable touch and concealed style, it will surely provide you with pleasant usage and complete the decoration perfectly to complement your decoration. It is recommended to install both the top and bottom of the door.

  • • Very Secure
  • • Very Economical
  • • Solid Material
  • • Easy to Install
  • • Not Automatic

Buyer Guide:

French doors consist of a pair of doors fitted with large areas of glass to allow natural light and indoor and outdoor views. Unfortunately, the large area of ​​glass in these doors can also provide a convenient way for thieves who want to break into your home. Take steps to make French doors more secure, protect your property, and prevent thieves from entering.

Change the Swing:

If your French door is open, the immobilizer is easy to access the hinge. By removing the hinge pin, a determined thief can easily remove the door and enter the home. Change the location so that it falls into the room to increase the safety of French doors (please ensure that local building codes allow this; most residential doors can be opened flat, but regulations may require it to open flat in particular circumstances).

This swing keeps the hinges inside, thus protecting them even more. If you do not want to change the angle of rotation of the door, replace the hinge with a device equipped with immovable pins or fixed hinges. These hinges prevent anyone from simply knocking out the pin and moving the door into the house.

Add Double-Cylinder Deadbolts:

The University of Oklahoma Police Department recommends that you install locks and handles on your doors so that they are at least 36 inches away from any glass openings. This deadbolt prevents thieves from simply breaking the glass and reaching out to open the door. In most cases, French doors cannot do this at all because these doors usually fitted with large areas of glass. Instead, consider replacing the glass with non-fragile acrylic, or adding laminated membranes to make the glass more resistant to falling and less fragile.

The double-cylinder latch requires the keys to unlock from both sides, which can also make your French doors more secure. Keep in mind that these locks even need the key to be opened from the inside. Always store the key to the door, so you don’t trap anyone inside in an emergency.

Secure the Inactive Door:

Many French doors feature a simple lock that connects the movable door with the non-movable door in the middle. Increase safety by adding sliding or bucket bolts to the top and bottom of the non-moving door. Choose bolts of 1 inch or longer and splurge on a high-security pad. You need to drill holes in the floor and frame to accommodate these bolts.

Use Smart Key:

Locks on French doors are secure only if you can tell all the keys. If you move into a house with an existing French door, the only way to ensure safety is to replace all locks. By retaining the existing lock, you can invite anyone with a key to your home. After changing the lock, keep your keys tight and keep track of who you give the keys to.


I want you to feel relieved about the fact that there are many options to protect your home, and I hope now you know how to secure French doors that open out. 

Protecting French doors involves two things:

  • Scare intruders with security alerts, cameras, and floodlights
  • Makes intruders more difficult to break in by obtaining stronger locks, glass panels, and possibly external shutters

It’s best to combine these two approaches. The first method will keep amateurs away from your home, and the second method will make it difficult for professionals to break in without reminding you and other law-abiding citizens.


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