6 Best multiple door locks with one master key 2020

multiple door locks with one master key

Tired of carrying those big bunch of keys with you everywhere? Want to get free from the hassle of finding the right key for the door to open in your office? Or losing one bunch of keys has cost you a big chunk? Then you are in the right place, we will guide you about the five best multiple door locks with one master key.

To all these problems there is a solution of getting multiple lock system having a set of locks which can be operated by one master key. For office places like the common room, kitchen, conference or discussion rooms, etc need to be accessible to all of the employees so making one master key for all the places and giving a copy of that one key to every employee is a suitable option rather than assigning a set of keys each different for a lock to them. This will save the company’s budget and employees from the tension of carrying a bunch of keys all the time. One key for all locks is the best solution to organize your keys.

This too is a very feasible idea to apply in your house be it making the same key lock for your front or backdoor or the same key locks for all bedrooms and bathrooms so in case someone loses their key the room or bathroom can be unlocked by the master key. Or for different sections of your wardrobe or the drawers in your dressing tables.  It is a very suitable option to apply in a house with children so as they don’t get them locked in their bedroom or in emergency cases you don’t have to break doors to open them up.

So getting a master key-operated multiple door lock system will be very time efficient and money-saving for you. In some cases, this might raise some security concerns too but on a normal basis implementing such a system is an efficient choice to go for. This solution works well with Entry door locksets with the same key, 2 door lock set the same key, etc.

The locks which can be made into one key-operated systems are:

  • Thumbturn and double Euro cylinder locks
  • Night latches
  • Locks approved by BS3621 
  • Mortice locks
  • Padlocks
  • Locks used in furniture or in bathroom or bedroom doors

This article gives a review on the best multiple door locks which are operated by one master key so you can choose a set according to your needs and budget and use it in your homes or offices or any of your property.

1. Honeywell Safes & Door Locks 8101406

entry door lock sets with same key

This a set of two deadbolt door locks which are operated with one key. These locks are good for use on the exterior doors of your house and come in two finishes. The locks have adjustable latches and backset so can be fitted indoors with different thickness. The locks are rated at 4 on a 5 scale and are available on Amazon for a $50 price. So for the doors which are needed to be secured properly and operated with one master key this lockset is a good choice.

  • The locks have anti-bump technology making it highly resistant to theft
  • Installation is quick and easy with minimal drilling required
  • Adjustable latch sand backset making it suitable for different doors
  • Give a nice and aesthetic look to your doors
  • Multiple locks operated by one key making it efficient and time-saving.
  • Can be pricey for a two-door lock set
  • One key access to multiple locks makes the security system less strong

2. BRINKS Home Security 673-70401 lock

best multiple door lock with one master key

These locks come into a package of four same keyed locks which are known for their highly securing quality. These locks come in with boron steel shackle and covered with rubber. The locks are suitable to install on safes and storage areas on your job site or delivery trucks etc. With a rating of 4.5/ 5 on amazon, the product offers a lifetime warranty and comes at a price of around $43. The rubber jacket of the locks keeps the valuables inside safe completely. The round shielded design doesn’t let much exposure of the shackle thus making it more theft safe.

  • The locks are highly resistant against tampering and theft
  • Cost-effective and easy to use
  • Full life warranty
  • Less expensive than other locks
  • Installation is not much easy
  • Suitable for storage spaces and safes and not for house or office doors

3. Dynasty Hardware CP-SIE-12P Lock

These locksets came with two-door locks with the same operating key. These locks are best suited to be installed on traditional home exterior doors. The latch and backset is made to fit on doors with different thickness. The door locks are strong and very resistant to any bumping the lock or breaking the lock activity.

These locks are good in style giving the doors a great and stylish look. The locks set is available on Amazon at a price bargain of $36 to $49 depending on the supplier. The product is liked by many customers and has a rating of 4 on a 5 scale. The locks are preferred by homeowners to be installed on their exterior doors with the same key operation thus making it easy for them to keep one key to open the doors and less expenditure on making multiple key copies.

  • Cost friendly option for locks with same features
  • Easy to install and use
  • One key-operated set making it feasible for multiple lock master key operated system
  • Suitable for traditional looking doors

4. Gobrico Tulip 6 Pack Keyed Lock

These locks come in a set of 6 door locks all operated with one master key. The modern and elegant finished look of the locks adds a stylish touch to your doors. The locks are finished with satin nickel giving them a rich exquisite look. These looks are great to install in your exterior as well as interior doors and are theft-resistant.

The backset and latch of the locks are adjustable to fit a range of different thickness doors. These locks have a long life and don’t break or wear off after a short period of use. The locks are a cost-friendly and reliable option for offices, houses or any building doors. This 6 door lock set is available on Amazon for $68 and has a great customer review with a rating of 4.5 out of 5. With easy installation and affordable price for the stylish looking locks, this set finds its way to customers’ hearts.

  • Modern and stylish look
  • Very cost-effective
  • Easy to install and use
  • Suitable for use in homes and offices
  • Durable and theft-resistant
  • Less secured system as one key access will make all rooms accessible
  • Not much resistant to bump or break-in as compared to the other options.

5. Dynasty Hardware HER-00-12P Lock

These are lever operated lock set of two locks with one master key. The locks add a great look to your doors with their amazing design and finish. These are easily moved levers and cause no strain on the hands of people opening it. Along with the ease to use and install the locks are made with adjustable latch and backset so can be installed in different doors with varying thickness.

The locks are made to stand against any attempt to break the lock or to bump it down. The lockset is suitable mainly for use in houses and can be installed easily by the homeowner. The set comes at a $70 on Amazon and is rated at 5/5. The locks may seem a bit costly as compared to the other sets but with their look and amazing functionality, they are preferred more by the customers to install them on the exterior doors of their houses or any property.

  • Easy installation with a guide
  • Difficult to be tampered or broken
  • One key operation
  • Price is high for a two lock set
  • Lifetime limited and may wear off with time

6. NU-Set 6X (F-E-10B+70010B) Lock

This is an option to install a set of similar key operated lock. The set includes six single cylinder deadbolt locks with one master key to operate the all. The locks are great in looks and are suitable to install on traditional looking residential doors. The locks are resistant to any kind of activity to break in with tampering the lock or to bump it down.

These locks come at a price of $170 on Amazon and is recommended as one of the best-selling choices for multiple locks with the same key sets with a rating of 5 out of 5. The durability and strength of the locks are high and for a well-secured locking system choosing this product is advisable. So in case you are thinking of installing a set of locks in your home or office building with good quality and strength to secure it properly, these locks will be efficient to use.

  • Easy installation and less time consuming
  • Efficient to build multiple lock system with same key
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Price is a bit high for similar kind of sets

Final Thoughts on multiple door locks with one master key

So these are some of the best-selling locksets with one key to operate them all. All are good to use and you can choose any one of the above according to your requirement and budget but going for the Dynasty Hardware HER-00-12P, Heritage Front Door Entry Lever Lockset, Aged Oil Rubbed Bronze for installation on an exterior door is a preferred one as these locks are strong enough for exterior security with great design and easy to use. It may be a bit out of budget to buy these instead of other less costly exterior door locksets but investing one time in a good product is less than spending multiple times on the cheaper one. These locks are best to go for and you must give it a thought to buy these. These locks also solve your problem with about the best multiple door locks with one master key issue.

As for a set for locks for interior doors in houses or offices not much high security is required so an option that has moderate strength and anti-theft capability and is less costly must be preferred among the above-discussed choices I would like to suggest the Gobrico Tulip 6Pack Keyed-alike Exterior Entry Door Locksets Satin Nickel Finished set. These locks are not only easy to use and cheaper but also are stylish and modern looking and adds a stylish touch to the doors. So for use inside the house or offices a good looking and cheaper option is recommended. Plus the locks are durable and moderately safe to secure your rooms or office lounges and places which need to be locked down but don’t have any serious security concerns.

Along with all these same keyed locksets, a great option to think upon is to install a smart lock which is operated either by biometric input or by chip cards so that maybe a keyless option and you can let as many rooms as you want to give access through the smart lock system which can be remotely operated and observed. Well, this option is an expensive one and is applicable in a building which has very high-security requirements and not to the common consumers. But if you want to you can make a DIY kind of project of this kind for your room or house.

Hopefully, you find this article helpful in choosing multiple locksets which is one key operated for your home or office or anywhere you need to apply locks on. Getting the same key lock will make your life easier and the cost of key remaking once you lost it can be saved and carrying one key rather than a bunch is feasible.

So get one of these sets installed in your home or office and make your life easier. I hope you like this article multiple door locks with one master key. Please share your experience with us by commenting below. Thanks

Stay blessed

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