Outward Swinging Door Security 2020 (BEST METHODS)


Doors that turn outwards seem safe, but they have some significant drawbacks and can be used as dull entrances to break in. Therefore I will discuss the outward swinging door security in this article. 

One advantage of the outer door is that it cannot be kicked hard due to the door frame. However, external door hinges pose safety issues. The pin can quickly eject using a screwdriver, and the door can also remove. Just like any other door, a weak door lock can be another security issue. Therefore the outward swinging door security is essential than any other door. 

Since most safety devices designed to secure doors that open inward, it seems almost impossible to find a suitable solution to secure doors that open outward. However, there are solutions to these problems that are affordable.

You can secure the door opening outwards by using a safety rod or broomstick or by tying a rope, power cord, or strap to the door handle and heavy furniture. In this way, anyone trying to pull the door must pull the furniture or safety bar. It is impossible to break any of them.

But the main problem is that if you can only use a door that opens outwards, make sure it is open when you go out. Therefore, we also need to study some long-term structural solutions. I have not found much about outward swinging door security because, in America, most doors are inward swinging. However, the following are few security locks for doors that swing out

Here are the best methods and equipment for opening doors that you can use:

1.Set Screw Hinges

It is challenging to answer how to secure a door that opens out. To answer this question, I have found the following fantastic option.

Set screws lock the hinge pin on one side of the hinge. When the door is in the closed position, the fixing screws hidden. Therefore, the hinge pin cannot remove when the door is in the closed position.

Fixed screw hinges are often confused with immovable pin hinges, but immovable hinge pins are somewhat different.

For best results, all outer door hinges on a particular door should have set screws.

You can make your fixing screw hinge. Open the door and make a mark inside the standard hinge part that holds the hinge pin, which is not visible from the outside when the door is in the closed position.

Remove the hinge from the door and drill a hole at the marked position. Use a tap to thread the threaded hole to match the set screw you purchased. Replace the hinge and door, tighten the set screws and hinge pin.

2.Teacher Lock

If you want a lock for door that opens outward than I have a perfect option for you. Teacher Lock is a bolt lock mounted directly on the door. It comes with a key that locks from the inside (Teacher Lock Activator), with the option to add an emergency response key to unlock from the outside.

Its design requires little or no superb motor skills-use the starter to press the lock and then bolt the door closed. To exit, just press the exit button, and the lock will be released.

Teacher Lock claims it is the only roadblock on the market that complies with international fire regulations.

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3.Install a Security Hinges with non-removable pins

image courtsy homedepot

You can also install safety door hinges from which hinge pins cannot remove. These stainless steel ball-bearing door hinges can be mounted on doors from 1 5/8 inch to 1 3/4 inch thick.

For about $ 40, you can get three of them with matching wood screws. I haven’t used these tools myself, but I installed similar tools on a door in the school building. Customer reviews of these safety hinges are very reliable, and I don’t think they can fit wrong because it is a straightforward product.

As long as the doors are of sufficient thickness and not too heavy, they work well and do not allow removal of the door.

4.Door Lock Hinge protector

Hinge protector that prevents thieves from lifting the steel door after removing the hinge pins. It does not require hinge replacement or any other adjustments and is suitable for most commercial steel doors.

To install it, align the holes in the two hinge sections exactly, one at the edge of the door and the other in the frame. You can do this more accurately with a blind hole spotter. Or measure and draw Center line to align the holes in the hinge halves.

After the door is installed and closed, protruding stainless steel pins installed in the hinge half of the door will enter corresponding holes drilled into the hinge half installed in the frame, thereby interlocking the hinge side of the door to the door frame. 

5.Installation of a Latch Guard

image courtsy anixter

The latch guard is a plate cover extending from the open side of the door to prevent forcible entry. They can come in different sizes, but usually, either is small and does not spoil the aesthetics of the door, especially if you choose the right color. Latch guards can also use for swing doors, but here I just want to focus exclusively on swing doors.

6.Tie a Door with Heavy Furniture (for Emergency)

You are studying how to secure an outward opening door. Tie a door with heavy furniture is a beneficial and free method. All you need is some rope, power cord or belt. Use one of them to tie the door handle to any piece of furniture that is heavier and wider than the outer door. Some furniture that may work well are closets, large tables, desks, etc.

However, if the intruder was able to pull the furniture to the door and the rope was too long, the door could still open. Therefore, you need to make sure that the furniture is also close to the door or too heavy to move. You may block it with other furniture or other obstacles, making the task more difficult.

Another problem with this method is that if the furniture moves on the floor and hits the floor violently, it may damage the furniture you use. As the room becomes messy, it can also damage walls or other furniture.

Therefore, if you plan to use this method, be sure to address these issues. Once this complete, try to open the door and see if it works. This process is the only way to determine if the furniture is correct and the ropes or items that tie to the door handles.

It is simple security for door that opens out to stop it from opening with a rope. If there is no restraint or the rope is too short of reaching out, stand on the side of the door and hold it tightly. By using the door frame as a support, you will have greater leverage to keep the door closed when someone tries to open it. Try to avoid putting yourself in front of the door.

Conclusion of outward swinging door security

I hope that you can use above-mention methods for out swing door security to make your home secure and eliminate a question about outward swinging door security

However, there are other ways to secure doors and other entry points, such as floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors. You can use a security video doorbell, home security camera, or door siren, and they will close if you feel any vibration on the door when you open it.

If you have any more questions, then you can ask me through comments. I will feel happy to search for your question and to share my experience and search results with you. 


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