Rekeying vs Changing Locks – which option is best for you?

When your key is lost or stolen, you just need to take immediate steps to keep the building secure. Change locks and rekeying are two similar options (with little bit difference) that you can use to protect the building of your home or office. Can you guess what is the best from Rekeying vs Changing Locks…?

In this article I will describe Rekeying vs Changing locks and advantages/disadvantages of both Let’s take a look at best practices: 

What is Rekeying.

Rekeying vs Changing Locks
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Relocking means changing the working key of the lock to another key without having to replace the lock itself. So, what is rekeying? In simple terms, you keep the same lock, but the old keys will no longer operate on it. Rekeying is a procedure to disassemble the door lock and replace key pins are toggle from inside the lock. 

Key pins have different series, and each series of pins in a lock corresponds to a unique key, so you replace these lock pins with other different pins. Now you have a new lock (from inside) of your home doors, and it will operate from the new key. Although it may sound complicated, it is a simple process that can be done in just a few minutes if the right tools use. You should rekey your lock upon following two common reasons: 

1. If you are satisfied with your lock but want to change the key so that the old key no longer works. E.g.:

  • If you move to a new place, you do not know who else has the keys.
  • Lost a copy of the key, fearing someone would find it.
  • Want to block people with key entry.

2. When you have different keys for different locks and want them all to match one key by assuming that all door locks have the same brand or keyholes)

What is Changing Locks...?

Changing locks is a very easy, quick, and cheap way to put your mind in a relaxed and secure life. So, what is lock changed? You don’t need any particular technical skill, or there is no requirement of special tools, you just need a simple screwdriver to replace old bolts. You Should Change your home Locks if you have the following conditions: 

  • You want the locks to have different colors or designs. 
  • You want to upgrade the security and change the lock.
  • If you have different brands of locks on your house and you want them all to use the same key, you need to change some locks so that all locks have the same quality and brand.  

Pros and Cons of Rekeying

You can reconfigure the pins inside the lock, and this method is called Rekeying. Many times, some people want to rekey themselves. You just need a basic tool kit that will help you to complete your job more quickly. Of course, some people do not have DIY skills, so in this case, they will seek the help of a professional. Whether you want to Rekeying your door locks by yourself or with the help of any expert, it’s best to know the pros and cons of Rekeying. 

1 .Pros of Rekeying: Enhanced security

  1. When you reset the key of the lock, you will make all other keys blank, thus redefining the key control. Usually, the owner of the home needs to rekey when he change the house, and he needs to prevent his new home from his previous homeowner or anyone else from entering.
  2. Cost: rekeying vs changing locks cost? Rekeying is just replacing the few key pins inside the lock cylinder. Key pins have to brand new looks and also much cheaper, making rekeying a key lock a cost-effective option for homeowners.
  3. Fast process: Professional locksmiths can quickly and easily rekey a key with just a snap tool, wrench, key decoder, and current key. For any professional locksmith, this should be a smooth operation.
  • Cost: rekeying vs changing locks cost? Rekeying is just replacing the few key pins inside the lock cylinder. Key pins have to brand new looks and also much cheaper, making rekeying a key lock a cost-effective option for homeowners.
  • Fast process: Professional locksmiths can quickly and easily rekey a key with just a snap tool, wrench, key decoder, and current key. For any professional locksmith, this should be a smooth operation.

2.Cons of Rekeying

  • Not many security upgrade options: Rekeying locks will only give you a slight increase in security-because you are restricting access to others only through the locks, rather than increasing the inherent security and durability of the locks. If the lock you installed is not perfect and secure, but you rekey the lock, you still get a poor lock and security. This type of change is not as dominant as a security upgrade compared to fully escalating the lock to a more reliable lock.

Pros and Cons of Changing Lock:

The changing lock is more secure and durable. However, changing an old lock with a new lock has its following pros and cons: 

1.Advantages of changing locks

  • Customizable options: When you install a new lock, you can customize the security, choose the feel and appearance of the lock, and choose other features such as extension screws and additional safety pins. By replacing the lock, you will have whole new security.
  • Scalability: You can upgrade your locks to increase the general security of your family. If you have down quality grade bolts on your door, you can improve it to high-quality grade bolts just by rekeying the lock. Still, you can quickly increase your property exponentially by replacing the lock and choosing a more rugged lock Security score. Changing locks of your home doors will give you more security.

2.Disadvantages of changing locks

labor cost: Replacing a lock is a more expensive and technically more complicated operation than simply rekeying the lock. If you don’t know how to change locks on the house? Then, In addition to the price of the new lock, you must also pay an additional labor cost, which is usually (even if used alone) more expensive than the full cost of rekeying the key lock. However, with limited budgets, there is no substitute for the security benefits of changing locks for families and business owners.

Cost to Rekey the House

One question you might have with a mind is: Should I change the key or the lock, and how much does it cost to rekey a lock? The average price of rekeying a simple lock in your home is about $ 15 approx. If you want to use multiple locks, and these locks are both the same lock or a lock of considerable complexity, then the price will only increase the cost of each lock. However, not every situation is the same.

Even the most basic locks are quite complex mechanisms. They can become extremely complicated. Is it cheaper to rekey or replace locks? I am going to introduce some common factors that affect the cost of rekeying.

Number of locks

The number of locks will increase your price. Based on the cost of rekeying a lock, multiply by the number of locks you want to re-lock to get the total cost. However, most homeowners do not want the same key to use on all doors of the house. So if you’re going to re-lock a different key, the price will vary, especially if one lock is more complicated than the other. Maybe you are updating your home or apartment security system by installing a master key system. 

Lock change

Not all keys, not even all locks in your home, are the same. For starters, the existing locks in your home are likely to be different, and for security reasons, they will not be all open with a master key. Maybe your front door has a latch, but the garage door may not. These variants will take more time, which in turn will require more money. Inventory your locks in advance (perhaps keeping the tabs with the latches and which ones are not) to better prepare for the price when you get an estimate.

Key update process

Sometimes re-entry locks can be DIY items. Some locks include a kit with the necessary tools. This does not mean it will be easy. This is the wrong move, and you may have to return. The process involves not only removing the door lock from the door in your home, but also removing the door itself, replacing the lock pin to fit your new key, and putting the entire part back in place. This can be tedious and error-prone. Experienced locksmiths can greatly simplify this process, but there are always challenges, so we recommend that you do not do it yourself.

The complexity of locks

Some locks can rekeying DIY styles, but some are more difficult than others. The more complex the lock, the more time it takes, which means that the locksmith’s time cost is higher. The relocking process varies from lock to lock-some will come with lock bolts, some may fit with standard bolt cups, and some may even be high-security locks on the front door. If you don’t necessarily know to determine the complexity of locks, be prepared for price changes in case you find that locks are more complicated than you think.


There is nothing better than old-fashioned debate to help people figure out what they should choose. Hope you are not frustrated by not thinking that one of Rekeying Vs Changing Locks is better than the other, and then urge you to reread this method and re-evaluate your position. Each of these methods is a good solution, depending on the problem you need to solve. As always, take the time to understand your needs, and then go through the points listed above so you can see which service is best for your family.


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