Top 5 Smart Bedroom Door Lock 2020 (Buyer guide)


Smart bedroom door locks are an ingenious innovation in the field of home security. Forgetful people everywhere can rejoice that they no longer have to worry about keys, and concerned homeowners (or even tenants) know that their home is safe and can breathe a sigh of relief.

But many of us have overlooked the use of equivalent resources for this technology. Yes, the front door is an essential entrance for security, but what about the interior door of your home? What about a lock for room door? So, what is the smart bedroom door lock

Most smart locks you see on the market designed for exterior doors and bolts, with both handle holes and bolts. What if you need to lock an inner door to prevent roommates/brothers/sisters, or even a wine room, etc.?

How do Smart Locks Works?

Old-style locks usually contain internal pins, and when you insert the right key, it puts the correct pressure on each pin, and the lock opens. Best smart bedroom door locks are electronic and can use with a keyboard, touch pad, or other means, and they can also use it with your smartphone so that you can operate them remotely via WiFi. To work properly, they usually have electronic components such as small motors and actuators. When you use your smartphone or otherwise unlock the device, you are sending electrical pulses to the device rather than inserting keys and physically moving pins.

Considering that there are some bedroom electronic door locks designed for this purpose, you are in luck to reach here. So let’s have a look.

1. Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

Basic Features: Smart bedroom door lock

Lock Strength: ANSI Grade 1, Replace the Entire Lock: Yes, How it unlocks: Alexa Key Voice, App, Pin Code, Physical Key, Battery 4 AA, Wireless: wife, Bluetooth (app pairing), Z-Wave,


This latest lock from Schlage (pronounced “a”-with a rhythm of “shade”) is the Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt, which includes all the features in a smart lock you want. It contains three of the latest excellent compatibility – Amazon Alexa Key Voice Unlock / According to the company, locks, Amazon Key and Ring Alarm (the latter coming soon) do not require additional Z-Wave hubs.

As for all the smart lock attributes you want, such as Encode has a built-in keyboard, physical key input, WiFi for remote control, a sturdy business-grade Level 1 lock, and top BHMA residential AAA security, durability and finishing levels. It can set to automatically lock from 15 seconds to 4 minutes behind you and provide guests, workers, and family members with up to 100 personal Pins. Like Schlage’s Sense and Connect smart locks, Encode also has both a fancy Camelot design with a more stylish post-modern Century style, and with a variety of metal finishes.

If you’re willing to give up WiFi, the Schlage Connect BE469 essentially provides almost all the features that you want. The special Features include Alexa Key Voice Unlock / Lock, Schlage Encode-ANSI Level 1 Lock, Amazon Key uses for delivery entry, and “ringtone alert” compatibility. The only key feature that Connect is missing is the built-in WiFi, instead of 100 possible Pins. 

  • Amazon Alexa Key Voice Lock/Unlock
  • Built-in wifi, Bluetooth
  • ANSI Grade 1 lock
  • Battery life is six months long

2. August Home ASL-03: Smart Lock Pro

Basic Features:

Colors: Silver/Dark Grey, Battery: 4 AA Batteries, Wireless: WiFi and Z-Wave. 


August is a name of real smart lock, which is why the veteran lock maker Yale purchased them and now there are two Yale Assure Locks-connected by August. One of the reasons why smart locks stand out in August is this simple refurbishment lock—you just need to replace the manual thumb rotation behind the door with this silver smart unit.

You also can use the traditional key to lock/unlock the door as usual but there are very advance options available with this smart lock such as the of Siri, Alexa or Google voice commands, the August app, or set it to detect the presence of your smartphone to make it unlock or lock automatically. Since August sales are longer than almost all other smart lock sellers, the company has accumulated an impressive list of partners, so Pro may work with any other smart home device you already own.

The Pro lock also comes with an easy-to-install door sense sensor that lets you know the precise opening/closing and locking/unlocking status of the door. If you need other input options, you can add a Bluetooth keyboard.

  • Can Install with Existing Lock
  • Auto-Lock
  • Voice Control
  • Not built-in wifi

3. Dana lock V3 Smart Lock: Bluetooth & Z-Wave

Basic Features:

Colors: Anodized Aluminum/ Silver, Lock Strength: ANSI Grade 2, Repeat the Entire Lock: No, Unlock Options: Voice/Physical Key/Proximity, Battery: 4 CR123A, 12-18 months (9000 cycles), Wireless Options: Bluetooth, WiFi


For seniors who often have difficulty adapting to new technology, Dana lock V3 still looks like a traditional thumbscrew inside. But for people with arthritis, rheumatism or other hand muscle disorders, Dana lock eliminates all the key concerns. It will unlock automatically when approaching, and lock automatically when leaving. Just a little manual rotation, the internal bolt can be unlocked or locked, and it can be operated by Apple Siri voice commands. For users who don’t trust wireless technology, an optional keyboard is available on Amazon. What Danalock V3 does not have is WiFi and temporary PIN for remote operation, although a PIN promised in the upcoming firmware update.

  • Voice and Twist Assistant
  • Touch to Lock and Unlock
  • Smallest Smart Best Lock
  • No Built-in wifi

4. Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi

Basic Features:

Weight: 2.8 pounds, Batteries: 4 AA Batteries Required (included), Size: Lock Only, Color: Satin Nickel, Style: Camelot, Finishing: Satin


Schlage has been around for a long time-long before things like smart locks appeared. But Schlage has now grown into one of the best smart lock manufacturers in the industry. Schlage Encode is not only beautiful hardware but also a device that works with Alexa and various other third-party applications, including Amazon’s Cloud Cam, Amazon Key, and Ring security products. You can also use it in the Schlage Home application. In my opinion, the Schlage locks are the best door lock for the room. 

  • Well Known Brand
  • Solid and Secure Hardware
  • Built-in wifi
  • Voice Assistant Compatibility
  • I have not found any Fault

5. Kwikset 92640-001: Electronic Keypad with Satin Nickel 

  Basic Features:

Weight: 2.5 Pounds, Batteries: 2 AA Batteries required, Color: Satin Nickel, Material: Metal, Pattern: Contemporary, Usage: Electronic Deadbolt


The Kwikset electronic lock tongue provides the ultimate convenience of key less entry with up to 6 personalized user codes. The Kwikset is the best bedroom keypad lock. It’s perfect for busy and smart lifestyle, so you don’t have to worry about losing or carrying your keys. You can also quickly provide temporary or 1-time use codes to access visitors or service personnel.

Multiple features such as Key less entry, with electric locking tongue, 1-point touch lock, low battery indication, and easy installation with just a screwdriver. For exterior doors that require key entry and security protection, you can customize automatic door locks after 10 to 100 seconds for peace of mind. The Kwikset lock is available with six customizable user codes and temporary code that can only use once, perfect for visitors and service personnel. 

Single-cylinder electronic lock tongue can be operated by keyboard or external keys and thumb inward, suitable for a door thickness of 1 to 3/8 inch to 1 to 3/4 inch. After five consecutive inputs, it will sound an alarm and stop—45 seconds with the keyboard. 

  • One Touch Locking
  • Low Battery Indication
  • Very Easy Installation
  • Auto Locking
  • No wifi Option

Buyer Guide:

Installation of a Smart Lock:

Installation of the smart lock depends on the lock you purchased and your DIY skills. Some locks, such as August Smart Lock, can be retrofitted on existing bolts, which makes them extremely easy to install in about 10 minutes. Other locks require more effort, but you can install them yourself if you have a screwdriver and hammer in your hand. Kwikset Kevo Convert is an example. You will need some tools, but you can get the job done in less than an hour. You just need to eject the old fixing bolt and replace it with Kwikset Lock. On the other hand, some smart locks (such as Schlage Sense) have a more complicated installation process.

Controlling of Smart Lock through Alexa and Google Assistant:

Smart locks usually have a corresponding application that is compatible with one of Alexa, Home Kit, and/or other voice assistants. This feature allows you to use voice commands such as “Alexa, lock the door” or “Alexa, my door is locked.” For compatibility with specific voice assistants, visit the manufacturer’s website. The cheap smart door locks may not have Alexa and Google Assistant option. 

How Much Smart Locks are Secure:

As with any WiFi connected device, if the user does not take steps to protect themselves, the risk of the device hacked is always small. However, there is also a risk that someone may break or pick up a conventional (non-smart) door lock.

By taking appropriate precautions (such as using strong and unique passwords) and taking advantage of two-factor authentication when available, this can help significantly reduce the risk of vulnerabilities.

Smart Locks with a Key:

Some smart locks can only use with keys, and some cannot. Smart locks usually allow you to remotely control your lock via Bluetooth, WiFi, or Z-wave. Therefore, you can operate the lock without a key even when you are out. Smart locks can also include a key fob, keypad or fingerprint recognition system in place of (or in addition to) standard keys.

Some corresponding applications also allow you to issue temporary access permissions (e Keys) to guests, neighbors, or staff who need to enter the home temporarily. This way, you don’t need to handover a real key to them, and you don’t have to worry about them copying your door key.

Alternative Entry Features:

If you forgot your phone at the office then what will you do? How do you get into the house? Physical key? Numeric keypad? Waiting for your spouse to arrive? Many different methods can use.

  • Battery Power: What if the battery inside the lock is dead and stuck outside? If this happens, some locks can provide emergency power. Yale’s Real Living lock has external terminals that you can connect to a 9-volt battery, giving you enough juice to open the door. Other models retain the traditional spare key lock.
  • Guest Access Feature: Most smart locks let you set up a temporary key for your tenants, which they can delete when they go home. Smarter systems even let you set time limits on when each access code can use.
  • Geo fencing: Is geofence bad? Manually lock the door when you leave? The geofence system automatically locks the door when it detects that your phone is leaving nearby, and can set to open the door automatically when it finds you home.

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I have discussed the Best Smart Bedroom door locks in my article with the buying guide for your best understanding. For whatever reason, you need to start putting more locks in your house, and you should know that finding the perfect lock should not and is not necessarily a complicated process. All the locks listed here are of high quality and will do what you need to do at a reasonable price. Take a closer look and then pair the lock you think is best for your door and house. If you still have any queries then feel free to write my through comments, and I will contact happy to answer you. 

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